Cole DeBoer is one proud papa, and Chelsea Houska’s husband can’t wait to tell the whole world about it via pics of his baby son Watson.

Honestly, who could blame the man?!

The Teen Mom 2 star has been a father to his newborn child for only a few days now, but clearly he’s taken to the role with flying colors.

And love. Lots and lots of love.

“Honestly the love I have for this little man is outrageous!!! It hurts @ chelseahouska,” DeBoer wrote of his son, who was born last week. 

While all of the previous shots of the little fellow shared by the Teen Mom 2 tandem have been beyond cute, this one may be next level.

Precious Watson Cole wore a white long-sleeved shirt with his name on it, along with a striped black and white beanie, in the pic he shared.

He’s also smiling. OMG OMG.

DeBoer has had some time to practice his dad skills, as his wife famously had her daughter, Aubree, with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

Cole married Houska, 25, in October.  

She announced she was expecting again in July, and rather than put off getting married, they simply postponed their wedding celebration.

The two made it official before Watson’s birth, and are saving the full-on reception for their first anniversary, which is a terrific compromise!

Chelsea unveiled the pregnancy with the help of her 7-year-old daughter holding a sonogram attached to a round wood cutout.

She while she and DeBoer held hands in the background. Houska later revealed that she was having a boy, and wrote on her website:

“Cole is the PROUDEST man I have ever seen, and cannot wait to have his son. He’s already planning his future hunting and fishing trips, haha!”  

“This little dude is constantly kicking and rolling around, and both his daddy and sister always have their hands on my belly to feel him.”

The child made his precious Instagram last Wednesday in a black and white photo of his adorably tiny hand holding his adoring mother’s.

“Welcome to the world, sweet boy,” Houska wrote, before revealing the name she had teased, but kept secret throughout her pregnancy.

Chelsea had promised that while based on a common last name, it was one that she had “never heard before” used as a first name.

No alternative facts here – she was speaking the truth!

We couldn’t be happier for Chelsea these days.

Not just because of Watson Cole, whose arrival is obviously so joyous, but because of the gentleman who gave her son his middle name.

Whereas her former beau Adam Lind is selfish, irresponsible (he doesn’t even pay child support), verbally abusive, and generally toxic …

Cole is the utter opposite of all of those traits.

Attentive, devoted, compassionate, reliable and steady as they come, it’s not hard to see why Chelsea married the South Dakota outdoorsman.

And why they’re universally popular among those who watch Teen Mom 2 online, where watching their story play out has been magical.

Congratulations again to the new family!

Source: celebweddings