On Counting On Season 5 Episode 4, Joy-Anna and Austin embarked on camping trips as part of their bachelor and bachelorette weekends. 

Heavily chaperoned of course. No hanky panky here.

If you watch Counting On online, you knew this wasn’t gonna be “glamping” (groan) in the vein of the Real Housewives of Wherever.

This here was “legitimate camping” if you ever saw it.

Joy Duggar and her now-husband Austin Forsyth planned a joint bachelor and bachelorette party in the woods, and it was … an adventure.

With about 20 of their closest friends and siblings.

Prior to the weekend, Joy-Anna stressed that no one would be “cheating” on this camping trip. In other words, no modern amenities.

“Guys, please don’t cheat!” Joy said. “It’s not going to be fun if you cheat… No makeup, no electricity… We’re roughing it!”

No word if Austin pitched a tent in more ways than one over the weekend … if you know what we’re talking about people!

“I’m looking forward to today, it’s going to be a good day, God willing,” Austin said before embarking on a kayaking adventure.

“I’m just hoping we don’t flip… I’m a little concerned,” Jana Duggar said, and with good reason … but Joy and Austin flipped!

“It wasn’t too nerve-wracking,” Joy said of her fiance in a confessional. “He popped right back up. I know he’s a good swimmer.”

Later, the group stopped kayaking to enjoy a rope swing, which prompted Austin to reflect on “a special time we’ll remember forever.”

Naturally, the topic of sleeping arrangements came up, and apparently, there weren’t enough trees for the guys’ hammocks.

So they had to sleep next to the girls instead.

Just kidding. Anyone keep a straight face?

Ever-resourceful Austin tied a few hammocks to the group’s trucks to solve that issue before sitting around campfire for s’mores.

The future spouses’ wedding coordinator, Laura, played a game with them in which she tested how well they know each other.

Austin and Joy have been friends pretty much their whole lives, so they fared well, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anxiety.

Joy confessed that she fears the “responsibilities” of being a wife and that change is “hard” … especially at the young age of 19.

After that telling remark, she snapped back to reality, issuing the company line that this is “going to be the most amazing time.”

Here’s hoping.

Source: celebweddings