Back in November of 2015, Jenelle Evans’ ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, was arrested for possession of heroin.

A month later Rogers was sentenced to three years behind bars.

A habitual offender with a rap sheet a mile long, Rogers didn’t seem to be a candidate for early release, but it seems the parole board has taken mercy on the 31-year-old, possibly as a result of his long battle with addiction.

Radar Online is reporting today that Rogers will be released from Tabor County Correctional Institution on March 18.

“There is an advanced supervised release program,” a prison authority tells the site.

“They have to meet a certain criteria and not get certain infractions and be in classes to have a reduced sentence.”

Naturally, Rogers’ release has raised one looming question in the mind of Teen Mom 2 fans:

Will Courtland try to get back in contact with Jenelle?

The idea might seem ridiculous, as Jenelle is engaged to David Eason these days, but she and Courtland shared a deep connection at one point.

It probably seems like a different life to Jenelle at this point (It was, after all, two baby daddies ago.), but it’s been less than three years since Evans and Rogers divorced.

Of course, things move awfully fast in the Carolina Hurricane’s world.

When Rogers went to prison, Jenelle was yet to get pregnant by Eason, and now the couple has a one-month old daughter together and are in the process of planning a wedding.

If it were any other Teen Mom cast member, or for that matter, anyone else on reality television, we’d say these are all signs of stability pointing toward a future of quiet domesticity.

Jenelle courts chaos, and nothing would throw her life into disarray like ditching her fiance for her deeply troubled ex.

We’re not saying that’s what’s going to happen, mind you.

We’re just saying when it comes to Jenelle, no possibility should be ruled out.

The fact is, Jenelle and Courtland were both pretty terrible to each other, but they were also both in the grips of debilitating addictions.

We hope for the sake of everyone involved that Jenelle doesn’t try to rekindle her romance with Rogers, but we also hope she’s open to the idea of getting back in touch with Rogers.

Exchanging hugs and apologies could prove tremendously beneficial for both of them.

And as a bonus, their reunion would make for a solid Teen Mom 2 special.

Source: celebweddings