Some stars of the guilty pleasure hit 90 Day Fiance stars either get their happily ever afters. Others don’t, and then fade from memory.

And then there’s Danielle Mullins, whose infamous relationship with Mohamed Jbali is still haunting them both long after the fact.

Even out of the context of Mohamed Jbali, Danielle is just … quite the character. With a very shady past, as In Touch points out.

How shady, though? And what, you might wonder, is she up to now? Is she in a relationship? What’s next for her? 

The whole point of being a reality star is to become famous and accumulate fans (while cashing a check).

When you know that your fame and fortune depend upon your fans, you want to give them shout-outs on social media and promote yourself.

Danielle Mullins goes a little above and beyond what you’d normally expect.

Sure, she promotes herself well on social media, but did you know that she happily sends fans autographed photos of herself?

If that’s something that you want in your life, don’t be shy about it — let her know. (She says on her Instagram to message or email her for details.)

You know, Danielle’s social media was one of the divisive issues that cost Danielle Mullins her makeover show.

While the media company that dropped her like a bad habit claimed that it was over her “unstable behavior,” Danielle disagreed.

Apparently the media company had completely taken over Danielle’s social media accounts and begun posting clickbait ads — without Danielle getting to participate in that monetization.

She likes to post family photos and links to articles about herself.

Our guess? They’re both probably telling the truth as they see it.

Danielle isn’t getting her makeover show, but she’s still determined to lose weight — even if no agency or network is willing to broadcast it.

If she does it herself, we’re not really sure how effectively she’ll be able to monetize it … but maybe she’ll come up with something.

Reality television stardom isn’t Danielle’s only life plan, however.

She really wants to be a nurse, and has been taking courses in the hopes of getting her nursing license.

Of course, she might hit a bit of an obstacle — because, as fans have pointed out to her, you can’t get a nursing license with certain criminal histories.

And Danielle Mullins has a criminal past that, quite frankly, 90 Day Fiance barely even touched on.

Danielle has responded by saying:

“My criminal charges don’t count because they are misdemeanors, not felonies.”

That’s interesting, because it was our understanding that her 2005 arrest came with felony charges of theft and forgery.

But what matters, in this context, is that she was never found guilty of any felonies — the charges were dropped to misdemeanor theft.

Again, that was all a very long time ago — but some fans say that Danielle hasn’t exactly turned over a new leaf.

Remember, Mohamed Jbali accused her of misusing his identity and stealing his money shortly into their ill-fated marriage.

Honestly, those allegations were the least of the couple’s problems.

In fact, Danielle Mullins is suing Mohamed Jbali in the hopes of making up for the money that she says she spent on him.

We have no idea how successful this venture will be.

Remember, she first tried to get their marriage annulled — in order to not only end their marriage but get him deported back to Tunisia.

Some fans accused her of being overly spiteful. She had accused Mohamed of cheating multiple times during their brief marriage.

In the end, Danielle and Mohamed got divorced … though Mohamed Jbali might get deported anyway, based upon the late paperwork that he’s revealed on Instagram.

Let’s hope not, though.

Something that we should address is the “theory” espoused by some 90 Day Fiance viewers that Danielle is in some way “mentally challenged.”

They point out things like her poor eyesight (her glasses look pretty heavy-duty), her behavior, and the alleged foul body odor that Mohamed Jbali accused her of having.

First of all, some sort of “remote diagnosis” would be irresponsible for an actual psychologist without examining Danielle. So that whole discussion isn’t just rude — it’s a fool’s errand.

But poor eyesight is just poor eyesight, and it runs in some families. It has no bearing on intelligence.

Her behavior — the alleged stealing and general shadiness about money — might speak to impulsiveness and a lack of forethought about the consequences of her actions. 

Some might say that bringing Mohamed Jbali across the world because she wanted sex was using the same sort of judgment.

But you don’t need any kind of cognitive impairment to do that, folks. People make terrible decisions every single day.

And as for the alleged body odor? That could be just about anything.

Maybe she just needs a new deodorant, or maybe she has some sort of infection, or maybe it’s her clothes or her house or Mohamed’s imagination.

Wisely, Danielle has never commented on any of these rumors.

Finally, Danielle Mullins says that she is in a relationship.

But don’t expect to see her current gentleman caller any time soon.

Danielle says that it is a long-distance relationship (uh oh, isn’t that how things with Mohamed Jbali started?) with a man who is averse to fame and would not want to appear on 90 Day Fiance or any other reality series.

We … well, we sure do look forward to learning more about this mystery man.

We’ll say that much.

Source: celebweddings