As we know, Danielle Mullins is not getting her own makeover show. It was totally in the works (if not yet a done deal), but not anymore.

That’s what happens when you have a falling out with the media company that represents you.

That company stated their reasons for terminating their relationship, but now Danielle is speaking out and sharing her side.

In a surprising number of cases, 90 Day Fiance is a story about people journeying across the globe and leaving behind friends and family for love.

They get married and start families. A lot of them seem to be set up for their happily ever afters.

But, as always, there are a few bad apples in the bunch.

In the case of 90 Day Fiance, these “apples” are relationships.

Danielle Mullins’ relationship with Mohamed Jbali was rotten to the very core.

From the start of their marriage, there were problems.

Danielle accused Mohamed Jbali of cheating on her and demanded that they have sex. (Danielle and Mohamed did bang, but only the once — to consummate their marriage)

Mohamed accused Danielle of lying about her criminal record and of misusing his credit card and identity.

He also complained that Danielle had a foul body odor and that she needed to seek medical help for it.

The end result?

A divorce so bitter that, even though they’re now exes, Danielle has been actively seeking to have Mohamed deported.

Mohamed Jbali is done with 90 Day Fiance, and it looks like Danielle is, too.

But Danielle was all set to get her own makeover show. She’d even lost weight in preparation for it.

Thanking her haters for her new career, Danielle Mullins had signed with GR Media, the same company that had represented Mama June for her makeover show.

GR Media told their side of things.

It seemed that there was a battle of wills over control over Danielle Mullins’ social media accounts.

Danielle wanted to post photos of her friends and family. She apparently also used social media to answer questions about restricted information.

Allegedly, Danielle demonstrated such an instability that GR Media nearly took out a restraining order against her.

Well, now Danielle is sharing her side of things in a lengthy Facebook post.

“I would like to thank my supporters for supporting me this season. Due to difference of opinion, and much speculation by parties, it is unfortunate that me, GR Media, and BMB Management have to part ways.”

And maybe we’ll get some answers. Or Danielle’s version of them.

“I am writing this to clear up a couple of things that was stated in an article by Starcasm giving Gina’s side. I signed with BMB Management which is owned by Brandilyn Snail and I have never talked to her nor met while being signed to her company. My dealings were with Gina Rodriguez and I only talked to her a few times on the phone and rest of the activity was done by text messaging.”


“I only talked to Natasha Fett a couple of times on phone to and then rest by text messaging. I have been accused of extremely unstable behavior by all three which is not the case. How can they say that when they have never met me in person.”

For the record, you can totally come across as unstable via text message. People do it all of the time.

“They get that by what is already out there and has been portrayed on the show and that is sad to say that about someone you have never met. Furthermore they set me up to fail at this makeover excepting me to lose 20 pounds in a week to two weeks.”

But it sounds like there’s hope for Danielle’s fans, as she still wants to go through this.

“I am moving on from this on my own weight lose journey or with the help of another manager.”

“I am grateful for the connections I’ve made and the friendships I’ve formed during this time. I wish continued success to my former management team and I implore my fans to take caution when reading certain stories as they pertain to the events that supposedly have taken place.”

We’ll give her this much — she sounds super professional.

“Again, I wish the best for all involved and I am looking forward to what the future holds for myself. Thank You

If she does her weight loss journey on her own, we can expect a way lower budget and maybe some social media videos.

If another agency decides to sign her, maybe she’ll get along better with them.

In that case, we could be looking at Danielle Mullins on her own show.

It would be a limited series, sure. But she’d still keep her name out there.

Only time will tell, we guess.

Source: celebweddings