After a decade of absurd behavior thoroughly documented by reality TV cameras, we thought we’d seen the very worst that Farrah Abraham had to offer.

But then Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, wrote a memoir, and we realized we’ve only scratched the surface of the dysfunction and depravity in the Abraham family.

Teen Mom tell-alls are nothing new, but Deb’s seems to be offering a unique spin on the genre.

For starters, Danielsen went with the completely bonkers title of Vapor: A True Story of How I Fell Victim to Catfishing.

And while that might lead you to believe that she’s gonna take you into Nev and Max territory, all the excerpts thus far have basically been lengthy justifications of Deb’s hatred for her daughter and ex-husband.

Earlier this week, we learned that Michael Abraham did drugs and cheated on Deb while they were married.

(Or so Danielsen claims.)

Now it’s Farrah’s turn to get roasted, and Deb is once again bringing the heat.

In a Vapor excerpt published today by Radar Online, Debra basically claims her famous daughter is a violent psychopath.

If you’ve seen Farrah beat up Teen Mom producers and generally act like a lunatic for the past ten years, then that might not come as much of a surprise to you.

In the past Farrah has claimed that her mom “beat her bloody,” and on at least one occasion, she called the police on Deb,

Now, Danielsen is saying that she was attacked by Farrah, who then called the police to make it look like she was the victim.

“Farrah had beat me up, I had been crying, I was in a large amount of pain,” Deb writes with cavalier disregard for the concept of run-on sentences.

“After all of this, she had quietly gone upstairs to call the police and turn me in for hitting her.”

Danielsen concedes that her wrist made contact with her daughter’s lip while they were struggling and that Farrah was left with “one drop of blood on her lip.”

Of course, no discussion of the life of Farrah would be complete without some mention of the infamous Backdoor Teen Mom sex tape.

Deb recalls learning about the tape and confronting Farrah, who wasn’t exactly interested in a rational discussion.

“She snapped back and said that Michael and I overreact and ‘need to get our sh-t together,'” Deb writes.

“She didn’t need us embarrassing her. That hurt.”

Being called embarrassing by Farrah freakin’ Abraham? Yeah, that’s gotta sting just a bit.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to be reminded of just how embarrassing Farrah truly is.

Source: celebweddings