Farrah Abraham is having quite an eventful week, even by Farrah Abraham standards.

Things got off to a weird start on Tuesday, when Farrah was fired by MTV as a result of her decision to continue working in the sex industry.

Or so she claimed.

While it’s true that Farrah has been masturbating in front of her webcam for cash, there are conflicting reports about why she was let go by the network that made her famous.

In fact, at this point, it’s not even clear if MTV actually fired her at all.

If the situation sounds confusing, it is.

After claiming she’d been canned by MTV parent company Viacom, Farrah retracted her statement and she had “not been let go.”

Of course, this news was conveyed in one of those  nonsensical word salad videos Farrah is so well known for, so it’s incredibly difficult to figure out what she’s trying to say:

The celebrity gossip world has been abuzz with the latest developments in Farrah’s life, and media outlets have reached out to the members of her ever-shrinking inner circle in an effort to figure out what the hell is going on.

Unfortunately, Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, appears to be just as clueless as the rest of us.

Danielsen is getting married this month, and Farrah has made it clear that she will not be attending the ceremony.

She says it’s because she doesn’t approve of the guy her mom is marrying, but we think it’s really because Farrah can’t stand the thought of someone else being the center of attention for an entire afternoon.

So Deb doesn’t have much in the way of new information on whether or not Farrah is now unemployed.

But she has plenty to say about her own upcoming nuptials!

“We’re still going to have a kick-ass wedding and cool celebration,” Danielsen recently told Radar Online.

“We’re going to have henna tattoos. It’s going to be a fun, fantasy wedding instead of anything traditional.”

In typical “mom named Deb” fashion, Danielsen went on to offer way more information about the reception than anyone wanted or needed:

“I’ve had to hire a new caterer and DJ,” she said.

“My rappers left me high and dry. No matter how many times you’ve been married it’s nerve-racking. We’re all nervous.”

Until now, Deb’s actually been relatively tight-lipped (by her standards) about the big day.

“Right now they’re not participating in the wedding,” she told Radar bluntly when asked about Farrah and Sophia’s involvement.

“They’re not coming to the wedding.”

Maybe if she knew there’s gonna be rappers, she’d reconsider.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to relive Farrah and Deb’s tumultuous relationship.

Source: celebweddings