Derick Dillard has a lot on his plate these days. 

He’s a father of two, a reality star, an aspiring preacher, and now, it appears he’s fashioning himself into some sort of social media firebrand.

Yes, apparently encouraged by the response to his attack on Jazz Jennings, Derick has begun rebranding himself as a professional social media jackass.

Derick is forever trying to raise money for the esteemed Derick Dillard Doesn’t Want to Work a Full-Time Job fund, so it’s not hard to see why he would relish the attention.

The more eyes on his posts, the more potential donors to his “cause.”

But telling your followers that there’s no racism in America and condemning vanity and greed while simultaneously starring in a reality show and begging for money are actions bound to attract negative attention.

And it’s not just the usual Duggar critics who are coming down hard on Derick.

In fact, there are rumors that no one is more upset with Derick’s latest actions than the Duggars themselves.

Derick married Jill Duggar back in 2014, and for the most part, he’s been the sort of compliant (read: spineless) son-in-law that Jim Bob prefers.

But the rumblings out of Tontitown these days indicate that Derick’s efforts to make a name for himself are not sitting well with his in-laws.

According to the Duggar-centric Facebook page Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, relations between Derick and the Duggars (great band name, btw) have deteriorated to the point that Jill and her husband were seated separately from the rest of the family at Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell’s wedding in September.

The seating arrangement is being widely interpreted as a massive snub, but there’s some disagreement as to why Derick might be on the outs with his in-laws.

Most believe it’s the result of his recent political ravings, but there’s another theory, as well.

Many Duggar fans are now wondering if there’s some legitimacy to the recent rumors that Derick was caught cheating on Jill.

Derick’s been working closely with college students as part of his outreach efforts for his church in recent months.

Reports of an inappropriate relationship with a female student were recently bolstered by a series of tweets Derick posted about the importance of marital fidelity.

Given the Duggars’ knack for keeping skeletons in the closet, we may never know for sure just what Derick did to anger his in-laws.

But it’s clear he’s not exactly Jim Bob’s favorite son-in-law these days.

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Source: celebweddings