wedding insuranceNo wedding preparations come without risk. Even the most cautious wedding organiser can run into problems outside their control, whether it be caused by a supplier or an act of God. You are investing a significant amount of money in your wedding, and you need to insurance to ensure your investment is well protected.

If you’re wondering whether you need overseas wedding insurance consider that the most common reasons couples claim on their wedding insurance are: being let down by the photographer, loss of wedding rings, vendor issues, and sickness.

Destination weddings come with an even higher number of unknowns, making overseas wedding insurance crucial for all couples marrying abroad. These are the key points to consider when buying yours:

  • How far in advance of your wedding date your cover can be activated
  • Are you covered if your wedding is cancelled or delayed due to bad weather
  • The excess amount you need to pay
  • Whether you are covered if your plans are affected due to delayed flights
  • If your passports and other wedding documents are covered
  • Whether you are covered should your wedding need to be delayed or cancelled due to your illness, or that of a key family member

While normal clothing is covered under your standard travel insurance, wedding jewellery and attire is usually not, so make sure you choose a policy which covers everything you need it to.

You should organise your overseas wedding insurance as soon as you pay a deposit and sign a contract with your suppliers. Most providers will offer a range of cover to suit your needs. The most basic policies start at around £20, which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Whether or not you need separate wedding and travel insurance depends on your provider. You may find you already have adequate travel insurance through your bank account, or under an existing travel policy.