With iconic roles in Scrubs and Clueless, we’re used to Donald Faison bringing us so much laughter.

But today, Donald is bringing the tears.

Seriously, this will very likely break your heart.

Because while Donald is happily married to CaCee Cobb these days, she wasn’t his first wife.

In 2001, he married a woman named Lisa Askey, who was a nursing student when they met. They were married for four years, and in that time, they had three children — twins Dade and Kaya, and a son named Kobe.

Unfortunately, Lisa passed away this week.

We don’t yet know what happened, but we do know that Donald and his children are mourning her death … and that they’re moving us to tears.

Donald posted this photo, originally posted by his son Dade (we’re assuming these are the hands of Dade and his mother), and his caption was absolutely heartbreaking.

“My son Dade is very brave,” he wrote. “Today he and his brother Kobe and sister Kaya lost their mother. Lisa Askey Faison.”

“She and I never really saw eye to eye,” he admitted, “but one thing we did share was our love for our children. RIP Lisa. You raised three beautiful children into fine adults and I am forever grateful for that.”

“May god bless your soul with light and love.”

Donald also shared his son’s original tribute, which read “I just wanted to say thank you so much mom! You have been there for me when I needed you most.”

“I can’t believe it has come to this but I know you are in a better place right now. I love you with all my heart and one day we shall meet again.”

“You worked so hard and never gave up no matter how hard times got. R.I.P. mom and until next time!” he finished.

Donald and Lisa’s twins, Dade and Kaya, just turned 18, but their younger son, Kobe, is only 16 years old.

Donald is a very active father, and obviously a very caring father, so we’re sure he’ll be helping his children through what has to be a rough time.

Our condolences to the whole family … they clearly lost a very special woman.

Source: celebweddings