In some respects, the Duggars are an open book.

They’ve starred in two reality series that both put their personal lives front and center, and all of the Duggars who are married (and thus permitted to use social media) enjoy offering regular updates to their millions of followers.

But for all their talent with commodifying the most mundane aspects of their day-to-day routines, the Duggars are just as skilled at keeping the more unseemly aspects of their lives under wraps. 

The biggest skeleton in Duggar’s closet, of course, goes by the name of Josh.

The Josh Duggar sex scandals were so vile that many are still (justifiably) astonished that the family was granted a second shot at reality stardom.

These days, Counting On producers go to almost comical lengths to keep Josh off camera, even adding face-obscuring lens flares in post-production like a bunch of J.J. Abramses on Adderall.

But they can’t completely deny the existence of Josh, which is why he’s still represented on the family’s official website:

That’s Josh’s entry in the Duggar family “scrapbook” and as the folks at Refinery 29 pointed out, there’s all types of weird and wild sh-t going on here.

Where to begin?

For starters, Josh hasn’t worked at the Family Research Council in almost two years.

Seems the conservative think tank wasn’t too thrilled with the revelation Josh molested four of his sisters. Go figure.

Despite the fact that Josh’s relationship with the FRC didn’t exactly end amicably, his profile pic appears to be him at some sort of event hosted by the organization.

Anyway, these days Josh’s career prospects are in the gutter, which leads us to the other weird-as-hell tidbit here:

Under future plans, Josh simply put down a question mark.

Is he saying he doesn’t have any plans?

Did his scandal throw him into such disarray that he’s been forced to torch his blueprints for the future?

Isn’t Jesus supposed to be walking with him on a beach and directing him toward the next lucrative business venture or something?

Whatever the case, at least Josh isn’t alone in aimlessness:

Yes, Jana Duggar also can’t manage to come up with a single aspiration, thus indicating a lack of ambition that might be charming if she were a teenage Doc Marten enthusiast named Daria, but is a little weird coming from a 27-year-old who prides herself on her work ethic.

It might not seem all that unusual to leave that section blank, but given how carefully the Duggars cultivate their public images it’s sort of a glaring omission.

Like, it’s really not that hard to come up with one thing you want to do in the future, and giving voice to their goals would help the Duggars maintain the myth that they’re normal, well-rounded people.

Hell, we could do it for them!

Okay, Josh likes Frito chili pie, so why doesn’t he say that his goals for the future are to eat more Frito chili pie and refrain from groping any of his siblings?

There! Problem solved!

Source: celebweddings