Back in November, Jinger Duggar got married to Jeremy Vuolo in the sort of massively-attended ceremony that’s become a Duggar calling card.

(Sources say nearly 1,000 guests watched the couple exchange vows.)

But while the wedding was certainly lavish, it was also rooted in generations of tradition, as the Duggars  are reminding us in a newly-released clip from the upcoming season of Counting On.

Yes, to the chagrin of some fans the Duggars are getting still more mileage out of Jinger’s wedding.

(We figured that well had pretty much run dry after devoting most of last season to the nuptials.)

But at least this time they’re letting us in on a family custom that had  been heretofore undiscussed:

“There’s been a family tradition that whenever one of the girls gets married, they can take a piece of my mom and Grandma Duggar’s dress — they wore the same dress for their weddings,” Jinger tells the camera.

“And so, we take a piece of that dress and incorporate it into our dress.”

So they chop up Grandma Duggar’s wedding dress?

At the rate the Duggars get married and breed that thing is gonna be the size of a dish rag by 2025.

But hey, at least it’s original, and a refreshing change of pace from a family that usually seems allergic to originality.

Yesterday, the Duggars offered dating advice to young women, and their tips were predictably old-fashioned and puritanical.

By comparison this wedding dress thing is like a teen texting about premarital sex while pulling off a skateboard trick.

Source: celebweddings