Over the years, Florida Man has given us plenty of reasons to be scared of him.

Like the time he had sex with a tree while high on Flaka.

The same goes for Florida Woman.

She once got wasted on Fireball and destroyed a close friend’s wedding.

But these incidents did not prepare us for what’s truly frightening about The Sunshine State; it’s not (always) the men and women who call it home.

It’s the presence of the Florida Alligator.

On Sunday, a massive reptile (estimated to be at least 14 feet long) was spotted at a a Polk County nature preserve, casually strolling around in front of tourists. 

Kim Joiner, who spotted the animal and chose to film it (as opposed to run for her life from it), told WFLA that it was “very exciting to see” the alligator in action.

As you can see below, the alligator did not feel the same way about the people around him. He seemed not to notice or not to care one bit.

Or maybe he was trying to play it cool, afraid he might get noticed, grabbed and tossed into a Wendy’s drive-thru window otherwise.

That is how they often roll in Florida.

Check out the crazy sighting now!

Source: celebweddings