It’s been so hard to keep up with all of the relationship shenanigans of Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran, but let’s try anyway, OK?

Otherwise how would we be able to enjoy outrageously dumb and alarming updates like these new wedding rumors?

So let’s see, Farrah began dating Simon sometime towards the end of 2014, and it’s been madness ever since.

They’ve broken up, gotten back together, gotten into nasty fights, said awful things about each other on social media and to the press, cozied up to each other whenever they thought it could get them a bit of attention.

It seems like the unhealthiest of relationships, but darn it, we can never look away.

And if these new photos of the (un)happy couple are anything to go by, it seems like we may never have to.

That’s Farrah and Simon looking mighty friendly … in an Indian bridal boutique.

That’s “bridal” as in “bride,” as in “wedding” as in “oh no no no, these two can’t possibly be planning on getting married, right?!”

Simon posted a series of photos from the boutique — they’re apparently filming for his Teen Mom OG spin-off web series, Being Simon.

His followers were quick to assume that the photos were evidence of an upcoming wedding.

Some comments were sweet, things about how Farrah looks nice in the outfits and how “Indian weddings are sooooo lit!”

But most of them weren’t so kind.

“You really want to spend the rest of your life with her?” one person asked. “Look how she treats her own mom!!! Girl has NO respect…”

Another person told him “You just destroyed Indian culture with one pic.”

Several people advised him to run, which, you know, is pretty good advice.

It looks like Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, also got in on the fun — Farrah shared this photo featuring her in her own Indian fashions:

Could that be a flower girl ensemble?

If you feel like maybe this whole thing is just another publicity stunt, there’s one more concerning piece of evidence: the bridal boutique shared the photos of Farrah on their own page.

And they used the hashtag “Indian bride.”

It’s all pretty scary to think about, but Farrah herself has come forward to deny the rumors, telling In Touch that she just wanted to learn about Simon’s culture.

In fact, she told the publication that she’s not dating Simon right now, or anyone else, for that matter.

When she was asked if she thought that she and Simon would eventually settle down together, she said “No, I don’t really plan to.”

“I paid for my own ring — I can just do it all on my own and marry myself, really. That would be the best honeymoon, the best life — it’ll be good!”

Hey, whatever works, girl.

Source: celebweddings