Some of our younger readers might not remember Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from his time on Jersey Shore, but trust us when we say he laid the groundwork for future reality TV psychopaths … like Farrah Abraham.

Don’t get us wrong, Farrah has taken the role much further than Mike ever dreamed, but it was Sorrentino who first made us believe that mental illness could be entertaining.

He paved the way for future Farrah’s narcisstic personality disorder, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

The Sitch was basically the Woody Guthrie to Farrah’s Bob Dylan, which is another reference that makes us sound super old.

So why are we subjecting you to our geriatric ramblings about a show reality star no one has cared about for the better part of a decade?

Well, Farrah is starring in the new season of Marriage Boot Camp, and the show also features Mike and his two brothers.

We assume producers got a tax write-off for sheltering the Sorrentinos for six weeks.

Anyway, despite the title, the show has nothing to do with marriage this season, and is instead focusing on family dysfunction.

And despite the fact that Farrah is abusive to her parents and generally treats them like dog sh-t, they still defend her every chance they get.

So for that reason, when one of Mike’s brothers brings up Farrah’s porn past, her dad does that thing where he gets out of his chair like he wants to fight even though that never ends well for him.

Check out the clip below to watch Farrah’s parents clash with Mike’s brother the sort of ill-conceived crossover that brings to mind the time the Flinstones met the Jetsons.

Source: celebweddings