Over the weekend, Farrah Abraham’s mom Deb got married. It was a whole thing, but nobody from Teen Mom — except for Farrah herself — showed up.

Amber Portwood is pregnant, and couldn’t make it, even though she was invited.

Well, Farrah Abraham didn’t mind Amber’s absence, and took the opportunity to take some serious shots at her fellow Teen Mom star.

Debra Danielsen, Farrah Abraham’s mother with whom she has had a very complicated relationship, married Dr. David Merz.

Though Farrah and David haven’t always seen eye-to-eye (honestly, who does with Farrah?), Farrah was in attendance at their wedding.

The location that the happy couple picked was an aquarium. The motif that they selected was mermaids.


MTV and their cameras weren’t present.

(Because Farrah Abraham got fired from Teen Mom, maybe — a lot is still unclear about that)

And neither were any of Farrah’s Teen Mom costars.

(Because, well, nobody likes Farrah Abraham)

But Amber Portwood was actually invited and, despite her current and intense feud with Farrah, might have come — if she hadn’t been too sick.

Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood got into a fight way, way earlier this year.

Long story short?

Farrah Abraham commented on how Matt Baier looks like a total creep. Amber did not care for Farrah’s comments and, well, now they’re totally feuding.

That nonsense is actually ongoing, and Matt Baier might be trying more of his shenanigans, because he’s just that classy.

This time, Matt Baier is defending Farrah and slamming MTV for (maybe) firing her over her recent sex work.

But … a lot of people are reading between the lines and wondering if Matt Baier is just trying to puff himself up and attract Farrah’s notice.

He’s tried before, you see, allegedly tweeting his thirst at Farrah before things heated up with Amber.

Anyway, so, at the wedding, Amber couldn’t make it because pregnancy isn’t all fun and games, folks.

Speaking to The Ashley, Farrah had some less-than-subtle shade to throw in Amber Portwood’s direction.

“You see who really showed up to the wedding.”

Farrah then goes on to bash … all of the Teen Mom folks. And Amber in particular.

“Not all the fake people who are production puppets like Amber, or any other whackjob that you’ve been seeing in the press before today. They’re not here.”

Farrah also spoke to InTouch about Amber’s absence, and she was a bit more … direct.

“[Amber] wasn’t going to be here anyway, so I wish her all the best with her unplanned pregnancy and all of her bulls–t.”

Full disclosure: I laughed out loud at that line.

Deb, whose actual wedding this was, didn’t bear Amber any ill will, as she told The Ashley:

“I told Amber, ‘I love you, you look beautiful.”


“I told her that I just hoped that she was feeling better because I remember how much morning sickness she had [when she was pregnant] with [her daughter] Leah. She was sick the whole time.”

Remember that some people have morning sickness worse than others. Some, much worse.

“[I told her] I hoped it was much better this time.”

We’re sure that Amber hopes so too.

We don’t know that Farrah’s goodwill is anywhere near so strong.

Source: celebweddings