For some reason, Teen Mom OG terror Farrah Abraham and her parents star in the new season of Marriage Boot Camp.

The title has become something of a misnomer.

The show has tacked a “Family Edition” onto its title in an effort to make the whole thing somewhat less random, but the fact remains:

This situation makes about as much sense as when Farrah went on Couples Therapy despite not being in a relationship.

At the end of the day, reality producers know that Farrah is a reliable source of constant drama, and if you throw her dysfunctional parents into the mix?

Fireworks are pretty much guaranteed.

“I still get to parent my divorced, dysfunctional parents,” Farrah tells the camera in a scene so painfully scripted we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s actually reading from cue cards.

As someone who publicly talks about her 7-year-old daughter’s future sex tape, Farrah has a hard enough time parenting her actual child.

At least without attracting the attention of Child Protective Services. Now apparently she has enough time and energy to “parent” her parents as well.

And it seems Farrah’s figurative parenting also involves saying hurtful and inappropriate things.

She kicks off the clip below by reminding the audience about her mother’s violent past.

And then she goes in on her father, who we last saw on TV engaged in a fight with one of her co-stars’ significant others:

“If I could have one word to describe my dad…”

“I would say….my dad’s a pansy,” she says.

Unfair! That’s the same dad who fought Matt Baier for her at the Teen Mom reunion show (he lost, but the point is he was there for her).

Of course, he claimed he was crippled in the fight, and here he is … ya know, walking an whatnot, so maybe the pansy shoe fits.

Damn you for making us agree with Farrah Abraham, Marriage Boot Camp! Maybe we underestimated your talents after all.

Check out the teaser below.

Source: celebweddings