It’s not that easy to like Farrah Abraham.

She has a whole, whole lot of flaws, and if you know anything about her, you know what we’re talking about.

She’s so rude all the time, she screams and shouts for no reason, it seems like she lacks any communication skills whatsoever … the list goes on and on.

But according to some interesting tweets from her father, Michael Abraham, there’s an explanation for all of that.

And it’s a pretty dark one.

It all started yesterday, when people began sending messages to Michael about Farrah.

In response to one of the messages, he referred to her as his “daugther,” an easy enough typo to make.

Someone replied, saying that “Well, we can see where she gets her illiterate word salad from, can’t we?!”

Which doesn’t make sense — Farrah doesn’t typically make typos so much as she strings together words and phrases that loosely mean something sometimes.

Michael said that “Mine comes from being a disabled VET for hearing loss… Farrah’s is from her trauma — shame on you for your judgement.”

“What trauma?” another person asked. “You guys mention it but never say what trauma. What happened to Farrah?”

It’s a fair question — for years now, Farrah and her family have referred to trauma she’s endured.

We heard about it during her time on Couples Therapy, she’s mentioned it on Teen Mom reunion specials, but she’s never given any details.

Even during the Abrahams’ recent stay in Marriage Boot Camp, we learned that Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, was abusive, but there still seems to be so much more to the story.

To answer the question, Michael wrote that “It was many things…fighting between her mom & father, Debra & her physical actions toward Farrah & her sister. Farrah was raped a few years ago.”

Someone told him “When she did PORN, THAT’S NOT RAPE,” and that didn’t sit well.

“Get your head out of your ass…” Michael replied. “It happened (yes Farrah was raped) after that video… facts not your hate.”

He doesn’t give any details about the alleged rape, of course, but he could be referring to Farrah’s claims that she was raped by her sex tape co-star, James Deen.

In 2015, adult film star Stoya accused James Deen of sexually assaulting her, and several other women came forward as well.

At the time, Farrah tweeted “I’m not going to say ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ but I’m to busy for Rapists #weakAreStrong #speakout #slutwalk.”

She’s also said said that after the release of her sex tape, she was “drugged and rape more than once.”

Even though it sounds like she’s faced some truly horrific ordeals, people were still intent to hate on Farrah after Michael’s tweets.

“Many ppl have trauma…” one person pointed out to him. “Still gives no one the right to treat ppl like dirt. She needs to control that sh-t.”

But Michael hit back with “Some people can not and Farrah is working with professionals to overcome it.”

What a mess.

Hopefully, if Farrah really is dealing with all of this trauma, she’s getting the help she needs to move forward.

Source: celebweddings