Oh, that Farrah Abraham, always getting into mischief!

Or, you know, always running her mouth and acting a fool while showing zero redeeming qualities. Same thing.

For a good long while now, Farrah hasn’t gotten along with any of her Teen Mom costars. Not a one.

She’s not friendly with any of the Teen Mom 2 girls — she’s even had several public spats with Kailyn Lowry.

And as for the rest of the ladies from Teen Mom OG? Well, let’s just say that she used to be friends with Amber Portwood, but last fall Amber tried to knock her teeth out.

So that’s seven other women that Farrah consistently has problems with. And she addressed them all in this wild new interview.

While speaking with Hollywood Life, she touched on the fact that nearly all of the other Teen Moms have gone on to have more children.

(Oddly enough, her biggest enemy, Amber, has been the only other mom to stop after their 16 & Pregnant baby.)

“I mean it’s definitely been my choice everyday to not have another child at this time,” Farrah said, “and I think that’s allowed me to really be sure that I have relationships with the right people.”

… Yeah, we don’t know if that’s true, but if Farrah’s ever made a good choice in her life, it’s to refrain from having more kids.

“I didn’t want to rush that or hurry into a marriage,” she explained. “I don’t need more children if it’s not right.”

“I know the environment that I need to feel happy and satisfied and if I don’t have that right now, I’m not going to rush it.”

It’s so strange to hear her actually being reasonable, isn’t it? We’re so used to the opposite being the case.

Don’t worry though, it didn’t take long for her to get awful.

About the other moms on the series having more children, she said “It’s what they welcome in their lives. Maybe they feel comfortable and they’re satisfied with where they are and then they want to do that.”

“I don’t feel like while I’m filming Teen Mom that I should procreate. Some people, that’s just what they believe in and they’ll just keep popping out kiddos.”

It’s weird, because it’s like Farrah doesn’t understand that people in their mid-20s can be settled down with families.

Take Maci Bookout, for instance — she has a husband, a nice home, and she’s had two more children. That’s fine.

Likewise, Chelsea Houska found herself an amazing guy and they decided to have a baby together. These things do happen.

She might have a point when it comes to moms like Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans who keep having babies with different men, but even then, different strokes, you know?

Next up in the interview, Farrah took some time to focus on the other OG ladies, Maci, Catelynn and Amber.

“I don’t know where their jealousy stems from,” she said, mistaking their dislike for her for jealousy.

“I think it’s just their inner hatred towards themselves, but I don’t need to contribute or be friends.”

“It’s like high school,” she went on. “I don’t aspire to talk to people like that or have people like that around me.”

“Now, I’m just around super successful business oriented people are are always channeling to do something fresh and new everyday and inspire me to be better.”

“That’s all I want to be around,” she finished. “I love what I attract now and it’s much better than what I work around.”

OK, Farrah. Sure, honey. Whatever you say.

Source: celebweddings