Remember last week when Amber Portwood invited Simon Saran and Farrah Abraham to her wedding?

In case you missed it, Farrah and Simon were huge d-bags about the whole thing and publicly rejected the invite.

But as many fans pointed out, there was something strange about their reaction.

Simon was the first to throw shade, but he seemed to do so in a particularly half-hearted fashion, comparing Amber and Matt’s wedding to a “circus.”

(A lame diss even by Simon’s not-so-lofty standards.)

Farrah didn’t respond until days later, almost as if she hadn’t heard about the invite.

But how could Simon be aware of the invitation and not Farrah?

Perhaps for the same reason Simon offered up such a lazy, tepid response to an olive branch from Farrah’s rivals.

Yes, there are reports that Farrah and Simon have broken up yet again, and the above Snapchat pic isn’t doing much to suppress those rumors.

“When your ex can only get bottle girls LMAO face like,” Farrah wrote on the image.

Sure, she could be talking about a different ex, but Simon really fits the profile on this one.

He’s well-off financially (or at least he pretends to be), so he’s probably the type of dude that enjoys bottle service in the VIP.

And during their relationship, Farrah frequently pointed out to him that Simon can’t do any better than her.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Farrah and Simon called it quits, and the last time we saw these two on Teen Mom: OG, they weren’t exactly killing it in the relationship department.

“I can’t believe the person who I was trying to have a good relationship with really turned out to be someone who is kind of unstable,” Farrah said about Simon in one of the show’s most recent episodes.

It was the most understated dramatic statement of all time, but words have never been Farrah’s strong suit, and we know what she was trying to say.

She figured Simon would be a nice, reliable sugar-daddy/doormat, but he turned out to be almost as emotionally unstable as she is.

A relationship can’t have two Farrahs, or the resulting mushroom cloud would envelop the Earth and bring about the End Times.

And even Farrah knows that in the End Times, no one spends any money on sex tapes.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive Farrah and Simon’s horrendous-from-day-one relationship.

Source: celebweddings