Last week, Amber Portwood discussed her upcoming wedding in a candid interview with People magazine.

In a surprising move, she revealed that she would be inviting all of her Teen Mom co-stars to the ceremony.

It was an unexpected announcement, as the last time Amber and Farrah Abraham were under the same roof, they had to be physically restrained from attacking one another.

Needless to say, it was widely expected that Farrah’s name would be left off the guest list.

But hey, maybe Amber saw this as a chance to bury the hatchet and be the bigger person.

Unfortunately, she’s dealing with Farrah Abraham, a person who will always take the opportunity to unearth the hatchet and re-bury it between your shoulder blades.

First, Farrah’s boyfriend, Simon Saran, slammed Amber’s invitation (likely working under orders from Farrah), tweeting that the attending the wedding would be akin to going to a circus.

(Not the most blistering burn, but insult comedy has never been Simon’s strong suit.)

Now, Farrah is going in on Amber herself, and she’s really showing Simon how it’s done:

“They lie and they need to stop using me to get attention for their wedding and book,” Abraham said of Amber and her fiance, Matt Baier, during a recent interview with Radar Online.

“I want nothing to do with their criminal behavior or lying evil groups of people they associate with.”

As if her feelings weren’t already perfectly clear, Farrah added:

“I’m happy both the scam artists can be a happily married criminal couple!”

It’s unclear exactly what sort of criminal behavior Farrah believes the Portwoods are involved in.

She might be referring to Baier’s child support issues and status as one of the nation’s top deadbeat dads.

Or maybe she’s just decided to brand these two criminals because she likes the way it sounds, sort of like how Trump likes doling out catchy nicknames like Lyin’ Ted or Crooked Hillary.

We may never know for sure.

Farrah’s a complicated woman.

And by “complicated,” we mean that she’s almost certainly clinically insane.

Whatever the case, this will teach Amber that you really can’t make nice with crazy.

Watch Teen Mom online to remind yourself of just how bonkers Farrah really is.

Source: celebweddings