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Honeymoon in Vegas

Discussion in 'Your Honeymoon' started by Astrid, 26 May 2016.

  1. Astrid

    Astrid New Member

    18 May 2016
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    In recent years Ive been traveling a lot with my hubby since were both freelancers. We can work anywhere. Thats the good side about it. I've been in Malta, Florida, Caribbean etc. But since my hubby and I are just on our second year of marriage. I could there say that were still in our honeymoon stage. :)

    Been almost everywhere, but if you love fancy and fabulous honeymoon. VEGAS is your location. Why? Here are some of the following reasons why. ( disclaimer: IMO only)

    1. Fabulous and Fancy shows: Vegas is a show capital. No arguments needed. Top and amazing performers are there. ei: Smith Performing Arts are is beyond comparison :)

    2. Theme Parks: No one could carry the most fabulous theme parks around the world except VEGAS!

    3. The fountain shows: Since birth Ive always been amazed of fountains. Bellagio Fountain show is a dream come true for every fountain show fanatic.

    4. " Honeymooney" weather: Its a good mix of winter chilly whether and summer breeze ambiance. Good bet for honeymoons.

    5. Good Food : From Fine Dining to exquisite buffet VEGAS have it.
  2. Divine

    Divine Moderator

    3 May 2016
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    Oh Vegas! Entertainment Capital of the world. If you want party and shows! This is your best place. This place never runs out of things you want to do. It has something to suit your honeymoon taste. The buffet are to die for. All kinds of cuisine are done in perfection. If your a food lover, it's your paradise.

    Whether you love opera, broadway techno shows. Vegas will cater to your taste. So, if you and your husband likes all of this sorts. Then you're in the right place for honeymoon. ♥
  3. Victoria

    Victoria New Member

    20 January 2017
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    I've been to Vegas a couple of months ago for my honeymoon. Whether you gamble or not, it's a magical place for an out-of-this-world honeymoon. Though the weather is quite hot and dry. You just need to hydrate yourself. But the weather wont ruin you honeymoon. You should also rent a car to go from point A to Point B to save you some time. And lessen you the hassle of traveling. You choose your adventure. All you have to do is choose what fits your mood at the moment.

    Its an awesome place. :)

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