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Low Budget Honeymoon

Discussion in 'Honeymoon Advice' started by Damon, 13 May 2016.

  1. Damon

    Damon New Member

    12 May 2016
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    When you have a low budget for Honeymoon it doesnt mean you're not going to have a blast. There are so many ways to enjoy Honeymoon for less.

    Here are some saving tips that you could use in a low budget honeymoon:

    1. Ask and research - Internet is everywhere, Try to research the things that you need or rates that are lesser. Ask for packages for honeymooners or you can ask a friend or anyone that already experience visiting the place you want to spend your honeymoon. Do not be shy to ask. There's nothing wrong doing it.

    2. Do not choose peak season dates - Simple arithmetic, if you chooses an off peak season the lesser the price gets with everything, but just make sure during that season,the weather will not ruin your honeymoon.

    3. Prepare ahead -
    As a couple you must list down your budget, the place you want to spend your honeymoon with, the things that you need to buy ahead, these kind of stuffs. You can book and have your reservations early this will ensure you cheaper rates.

    4. Consider packages -
    When asking and calling for reservations, ask if they cater different packages. Some travel agency have different packages for honeymooners. It may include airfare, hotels, tour around the city etc, but you must double check this with the cost for regular rates. Some packages might be tempting but would end up expensive than getting regular rates.

    5. Choose a low cost of living destination -
    Choose places which locales practice a low cost of living. Once a certain place practices this, it means everything there is cheap. You need to cost cut as much as possible.

    For me these are just simple things you need to keep in mind in planning for a low cost honeymoon without sacrificing your intimacy and your bond with your new partner. If you have anything else to add on the list. Feel free to comment below.
  2. Julian

    Julian New Member

    3 May 2016
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    I would like to add also that bare in mind that Low cost honeymoon doesnt mean you cannot enjoy the who vacation. I suggest you could also use a honeymoon gift registry website. This is one way that your guest could contribute to your trip. Like if they could choose this as a gift to the wedding. Even just a simple dinner in a restaurant or a ticket to a museum, nothing too extravagant but would help your guest gets more personalized wedding gift for you. :)

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