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Top Wedding Planning Tips

Discussion in 'Honeymoon Advice' started by Divine, 5 May 2016.

  1. Divine

    Divine Moderator

    3 May 2016
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    For couples who are planning for their wedding. You want to keep the stress level down by listing down all the things that you need to do. Well, if you have a wedding planner that would be more convenient and easy. But what about those couples who are " hands on " with everything on their wedding. From save-the-date cards,venue, dresses, food etc etc.

    I'm a soon to be bride. I want everything to be special on my wedding daY (that would be next year by the way). I've listed down few of the things on my to do list. Hoping this would help my fellow soon to be bride. And if you have anything else to add. Please feel free to do so.

    Here are the top 5 of My Wedding Planning Agenda:

    1. Plan ahead - This is simple arithmetic in wedding planning. Time is always of the essence. So, you need to plan ahead to check out everything and to not stress down yourselves with all the preparation.

    2. Keep it together. :) - I've mentioned this earlier. You need to keep the stress level down. Though we know that is almost impossible. YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED what is more awesome than that. Wedding jitters, cramming, nervousness that is all part of traditional feelings of all couples to be. But you also need to stay focused. Try to trust those people who are helping you out. (the professional one) But be also vigilant - they might be ruining the best day ever.

    3. Concentrate and Prioritize but remember you need to enjoy too. - Learn to take down those are really important. Think of the details that need emphasis. Like photographers, vendors, suppliers, and of course THE GOWN. Take it from there and sub details will come along.

    4. One Step at a Time - Planning out for your own wedding is overwhelming. It could eat you out alive. :) But if you are a hands on bride. You need to think of the things that need priority as I referred on No. 3.

    5. Enjoy the planning period - Make the planning period as enjoyable as possible. Enjoy and be happy with food tasting, gown fitting, choosing your floral designs etc. After all, it your wedding day because when it's all over, you'll miss it and want to do it all over again!".

    These are my top 5 wedding planning tips. How about yours?

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  2. Astrid

    Astrid New Member

    18 May 2016
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    I also advise that, make your preparations as bonding moment with your family and close friends. After the marriage you'll have little time to spend with them, because you're gonna be busy building your family. This will keep the stress and pressure level down. Some member of your family would be willing to help out. Designate some of the simple tasks to them. And if you get the chance to do activities before the wedding. It would be more awesome. I helped out on my 2nd cousins wedding last December. Since, he had a busy husband to be. I tend to join her on some of the activities. Like going for follow up consultation with the wedding planner. Its one way of not thinking all the stress in preparations.
  3. Francheska

    Francheska New Member

    16 May 2016
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    One thing you should also consider early is to consider whether you want to use a wedding planner, there are some bride who wants to be hands on with everything and some would want to have a stress free wedding planning thats why choosing their wedding planner would be their best options. Having a wedding planner may cost you but trust me there's a lot of advantage having one. You dont need to look for suppliers. You just need to approve and suggest. That's one of the advantage. They will provide you with full package on your entourage plus lady in waiting and a bunch of make up artists and assistants, but not having one is also doable. It will save you coast in paying for their fees and you will get the chance to enjoy the perks of having a wedding preparation. Either way. Its your choice.
  4. Lorita Yangson

    Lorita Yangson New Member

    7 March 2019
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    We were in a cool trip to Russia. True, I saw only one city, St. Petersburg. Very beautiful! Many historical sites, churches and cathedrals. There are completely new areas with skyscrapers! It seems to be the highest in Europe, if I remember correctly. We took private tour Private Sightseeing Tour by Car - PetersburgExpert!
    We had a great honeymoon, I am very pleased with our trip. Although this at first seemed like a strange idea, because it is far from home and a new culture!
  5. Sharkbiscuit

    Sharkbiscuit New Member

    4 May 2019
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    Hi! My fiancé and I are looking to get married on one of the Greek Islands in June 2019. We really don't have a preference as to which island but it would need to have direct flights from Manchester/easy access. We have found a venue we like in Rhodes but have never been and heard that it is difficult to access due to being so steep?
    Does anyone have any recommendations for wedding planners, Guide in Greece and/or reception venues? We would prefer a tavern style and will have 50-60 guests!
    Thanks in advance, sorry if that is really vague, we are really stuck!
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  6. Georgia

    Georgia New Member

    5 July 2019
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