Saying goodbye is difficult. 

That much became abundantly clear on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5 as Owen realized Megan was was leaving him once again to start a new life with Nathan and Farouk in California. 

Without thinking about it, Owen decided to drive with Megan, and it paved the way for some intense flashbacks about what really happened ten years ago before she was kidnapped. 

It was a real information dump because of the back and forth between the two timelines. The biggest shocker was that Nathan proposed to Megan with someone else’s ring. 

Teddy figured this out, and that meant there was a big revelation that Nathan cheated on Megan. But, Megan also cheated on Nathan, so that’s why the pair were able to put the past aside in the present. 

Owen grilled Megan about Nathan, saying he was a cheat and that’s when Megan let loose about them both being as bad as each other. It hit Owen that he had lost her when she said that he (Owen) cheated on his first wife, so he should not be judging her. 

Megan wanted away from the Green Zone, so she used the cheating to her advantage in the past, and had Owen okay her to take a woman for further medical help on a helicopter … even though it was against protocol. 

As the helicopter was taking off, Teddy found out that the woman with Megan was the one who was the terrorist and the person they thought was the villain was actually a hero. 

It was too late, and Megan had been kidnapped and spent ten years in trouble. 

In California, Nathan bonded with Farouk and noted that this was the start of a new life for them. When Megan actually made it there, it seemed like it was a goodbye for all three characters. 

They got their happy endings, so why bring them back to create some misery?

Speaking to Megan made Owen realize he and Amelia did not really know each other. In a surprising move, Amelia felt the same, and the pair called off their marriage and parted ways. 

The key moment was them saying goodbye with a hug. This has got to be the most amicable break-up in the history of television. But, it will send the series in an interesting direction. 

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