Paul Stadler was back on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 9, and all he wanted to do was cause trouble for his wife, Jo. 

When the episode got underway, Jo was face-to-face with Paul, and he was boasting about how he was engaged, and for him to be married, he needed to divorce Jo. 

As if that was not bad enough, he had his new wife-to-be with him at the hospital. He played the good guy and wasted no time in painting Jo as the villain to all of her friends. 

With the hospital still messed up because of the hack, he pitched in, and this made Jo’s day go from bad to worse. Paul acted like the long-suffering husband who was shocked by his wife running off with his money. 

Meredith orchestrated the divorce proceedings by setting up a meeting with Jo and Paul. Paul told Meredith to leave the room, and she declined and then went one step further by saying that she would be the one to deal with the papers. 

As Paul was leaving, Jo yelled that he was a “monster” and that his day will come. Paul left with a huge grin on his face, but Jo wanted to try to get through to Jenny. 

Arizona asked Paul for information about how he does procedures, but this was all a ruse to let Jo get to Jenny. Jo recounted the times he attacked her in places that nobody could see. 

Jenny was horrified and initially called Jo crazy, but Jo passed on her phone number and told her that if she ever wants out of the relationship to call her, and Jenny seemed happy to call if things got gnarly. 

Then, in a dramatic twist, Paul showed back up with Jenny and went crazy at Jo, calling her a liar because of what she said. He then said he would hold on to Jo’s cell phone number so he knew where to find her. 

Just as she Jo realized she was back to square one, Paul was brought in after being involved in a hit and run. But who knocked him down? Meredith seemed to think it was Jo or Alex, but they both stared at her with blank faces. 

Elsewhere, Bailey was shocked when one of the interns helped stop the hack without Jackson forking out $20 million. He revealed to the shocked doctor that he once hacked the DMV’s system because they would not change his gender on his license. 

“I’m a proud trans man,” he revealed.

Then there was Maggie and Jackson who got closer and closer as the hour progressed. Ultimately, Maggie said they could not become a thing because his mother was dating her father and a whole other load of complications. 

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Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursday on ABC. 

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