Aren’t weddings just the greatest?

After all, a wedding is a celebration of true love, isn’t it? And there’s romance and lots of food, not to mention nudes and violent, destructive brawls involving all the wedding guests.

Oh, wait, you mean those last two things aren’t typical?

Well, y’all better tell these people right here:

Yes, that’s footage from someone’s actual wedding reception. It’s total chaos, right?

But how did they get there? How did such a special day devolve into such madness?

Don’t worry, baby birds, we’ll feed you.

OK, so the bride here, she’s had relationships with men besides the groom, right? That’s natural, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But one of her former lovers had the grand idea to take an old, very explicit photo he had of the bride, make copies, and bring those to the wedding.

This guy had photos of the bride giving him a blow job, and he handed one out to each and every table at the reception.

And this is where the problems really start.

Can you imagine? Seriously, just try for a minute. You’re at your big, fancy wedding in your big, fancy dress, you’ve hyped it up for months as the most important day of your life …

And then some dude you used to date shows up to ruin the whole thing, maybe even your whole life.

There are so many layers of embarrassment and shame (and, let’s be real, also some hilarity) mixed in here, right?

It would be bad enough for your ex to crash your wedding, or for your friends and family to see you in such a compromising position, but throw all that together?

It’s a mess, is what it is. And that’s not even touching how the photos basically caused this nice affair to turn into Rage in the Cage, just with less spandex and more formal wear.

And come on, you know they’re not getting their deposit back, either.

On the bright side … no, there’s no bright side here.

This couple’s wedding was ruined, she might have deserved it, and it looks like nobody they know had enough sense to not get in on the Great Wedding Brawl of 2016.

At least it did look like a nice wedding, before the trashiness of these people crept in and destroyed it all.

Moral of the story: don’t photograph or video yourself having any sort of sexual relations.

No good can come of it.

And if you absolutely have to, then at least have the good sense not to turn into a violent barbarian when it all backfires.

Source: celebweddings