Holly Madison has lived quite the life, hasn’t she?

She’s now a married mother of two and a bestselling author, but before that she spent her time at the Playboy Mansion as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend.

She had several questionable experiences at the mansion, which she’s detailed in her book and in interviews — and she’s gotten into a pretty heated feud with Kendra Wilkinson over the sharing of those experiences.

Oh, and she’s also promoted some male enhancement pills.

… Wait, that last part isn’t right? It never happened and that’s why Holly is currently in a legal battle with a company called Blackcore Edge?


But it’s true — Holly recently filed a lawsuit against Blackcore Edge, a company that produces a natural testosterone supplement that’s supposed to help with erectile dysfunction.

Her issue, she claims in the documents, is that there’s an article she saw online that states she did an interview with Dr. Oz, and in the interview, she said that when she was with Hugh, he’d take Blackcore Edge to get the old motor running.

She allegedly said that “When Hefner took a pill, 15 minutes later his blood would start pumping! He got stronger, bigger, and lasted as long as an 18 year old.”

Because that sounds like something Holly would say, right?

Holly, who has said that she was “miserable” during her time with Hugh, that he would “talk down to his girlfriends and make them cry,” and that when it came to sex, “Everyone wanted to get that kind of thing over with very quickly.”

She’s bragging in detail about Hef’s penis. Right.

But it turns out that that’s the issue — it doesn’t sound like something Holly would ever say because she never said it.

In her court documents, Holly says that she never said anything about this drug, and that she never even did an interview with Dr. Oz.

She also says that Blackcore Edge made the article look like it was from Men’s Health, but really it was just some shady knock-off site.

So because of all that, Holly is suing Blackcore Edge — which, while obviously not a great company, just has the greatest name, right? — for using her name and image without her consent.

And, you know, for that entire fake interview.

So Holly not only had to deal with being Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend in the first place, now she has to deal with people claiming she’s made remarks about his junk, all these years later.

Poor, poor Holly.

Source: celebweddings