Oh, the story of Jeremy Meeks is as predictable as it is ridiculous.

Most people don’t even know his name off of the tops of their heads — they know him as Hot Mug Shot Guy. You know, from back when Twitter was for making hotties go viral instead of for world leaders to throw tantrums and for their children to possibly confess to some light treason.

But now Jeremy’s gotten caught cheating on his wife — you know, the one who waited for him while he was in prison — and she’s dumping him. Except that it looks like Jeremy Meeks one step ahead.

In case you need a refresher …

(Or just want to relive this guy’s story)

… Jeremy Meeks caught attention when the Stockton Police Facebook page shared his mugshot.

He was arrested on weapon’s charges, but why would he need them with such disarmingly dazzling eyes?

Not to mention cheekbones that could be sued to carve diamonds.

(And so on, you get the idea)

News that Jeremy Meeks is married did little to deter his admirers.

(When has it ever?)

It wasn’t long before internet fame translated into potential modeling gigs.

That’s a big deal for a married dad whose worked in a warehouse prior to his arrest.

(Modeling at the level of the offers that he was receiving can earn you a lot of money, very quickly)

The only problem, of course, was that Meeks had to serve jail time.

Because, strangely, hotness isn’t considered a mitigating factor by the American justice system.

Who knew?

Reports said that Jeremy Meeks’ wife didn’t love the attention that he was receiving, and that makes sense.

If you’re caught in a gang sweep, you don’t want to get the attention of prosecutors or the judge unless it’s going to help you get a plea.

But eventually, yes, he did get out of prison and start modeling.

There was controversy to begin with, because Jeremy Meeks was arrested on some serious charges, so the outcome seemed unfair.

Think of all of the young, beautiful aspiring models out there.

They have the talent, the drive, the looks, and the work ethic to do amazing things in the modeling industry.

But Jeremy Meeks’ sudden fame catapulted him past law-abiding competition and straight into a successful career.

(Well, after he was released from prison, anyway)

Ever had a delivery driver or a waiter who was so good-looking that you almost felt angry that they were serving you food instead of working a runway somewhere?

Some modeling hopefuls must have wondered if they’d have a better shot at a career if they committed some felonies, first.

But, predictably, Jeremy Meeks’ fame would be the undoing of his marriage.

Not all celebrities marry other celebrities, of course.

But most celebrities become famous at a young enough age that they tie the knot after they become famous.

When you become famous, your lifestyle changes.

Your financial means change.

And, obviously, the amount of attention that you receive completely changes.

What was previously a satisfying, happy relationship can start to seem like it’s holding you back.

A lot of couples remain happy or at least find a way to make it work.

But Jeremy Meeks was caught making out with Topshop heiress Chloe Green. On a boat.

While something as minor as kissing isn’t always enough to ruin relationships … sometimes that’s all that it takes.

Especially when the photo of the kiss is famous and when no one knows for sure how far things might have gone.

You’d think that the next part of the story would be very simply Jeremy’s wife dumping his ass and never looking back.

Except that he sort of threw a wrench into the works.

Jeremy Meeks filed articles of separation from his wife, to whom he’s been married for 8 years.

He’s filed these documents not long after she announced that she’s going to seek a divorce.

That’s probably to separate their assets before they get into divorce proceedings, now that he’s making so much more money.

Interestingly, though, the date of separation is listed as June 24.

That was four days prior to the makeout session on the boat.

It sounds like he’s working with some legal technicalities in a way that might help him in his divorce.

We wonder if this is going to hurt his brand — because image matters so much.

But given that he already went to prison, we guess that a little adultery and a divorce won’t change much.

He’ll still be hot, and the novelty that he represents on the runway won’t change.

A divorce could sure be expensive — and maybe not as expensive as child-support for his 7-year-old son.

But if Jeremy Meeks goes down, maybe that’ll be good news for the other hot mug shot guy, Sean Kory.

At least Sean Kory has really great hair.

Source: celebweddings