The vague rumor has been made into an exciting reality…

… Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock are engaged!!!!!!

Little People, Big World fans first suspected this could be a possibility back in September when Rock referenced a “life-changing decision” on Instagram.

We can’t say for certain that she and Jacob were talking about marriage at that time, but we can now say for absolute certain that the two have agreed to become man and wife.

Why? Because Jacob himself has told us so!

“…we got ENGAGED! It happened in Iceland on the frozen pond, Tjörnin, late on Christmas,” Roloff confirmed today via social media, adding of his brand new fiancee:

“So much love for this beautiful soul @izzysofia_ . Here’s to many more Christmas’, you n me.”

Jacob included the following cute snapshot with his announcement:

He also shared a photo of Rock wiping away tears, which he said was snapped a few moments after he proposed, followed by a handful of videos.

“After a delicious dinner and thinking the night couldn’t possibly get any better, we saw the Northern Lights together and took our first pictures as fiancé and fiancée,” he wrote at one point, adding:

“Just a completely surreal night. The Pleiades & most of Orion with the Northern Lights crossing over… And the night after all of that, we saw them again not 20 feet from the front door of our guesthouse, even brighter and reeeally dancing this time.

“It’s still sort of settling with us how magical a place Iceland was. So many times all we could do is look at each other wordless. 

“Excited for a lifetime filled with travel, growing together and trying new things with you @izzysofia_”

Rock and Roloff have been dating for years now.

The latter resigned from Little People, Big World in August of 2016 and then hit the road with Isabel and their two dogs.

He has since reconciled with his famous family members, but continues to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors with his long-time love.

The two often write blog entries about their adventures and and also run their own vlog.

Does this mean Isabel is pregnant with her first child, as has also been rumored?

Not necessarily, of course.

They could just be in love!

Jacob’s mother, Amy Roloff, shared a photograph of the kissing couple on Instagram on Saturday, writing in celebration:

“And this happened! I couldn’t be a happier mom!

“My youngest- Jacob and the beautiful Isabel are engaged. Love them both and excited to see where life will take them in their marriage!”

What exciting times for the Roloffs.

Over the past year alone, Molly got married… Zach welcomed a son… and Jeremy welcomed a daughter.

We send our very best wishes to Jacob and Isabel!!!

Source: celebweddings