Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have had pain and joy in their lives, and their fans are still keeping up with the couple throughout their highs and lows.

Jamie and Doug know that, which is why they’ve announced that they’re coming back to reality television.

This Married at First Sight couple will be getting their very own spin-off!

Married at First Sight might sound like a parody of a reality concept instead of a real show, but no, you didn’t imagine it in some satirical nightmare.

Despite the absurd premise, things worked out okay for Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. They really hit things off.

Unfortunately, their new love was marred by tragedy when Jamie Otis miscarried at 4 months, back in July of 2016.

The couple grieved the loss of what would have been their first child.

On the one year anniversary of that tragic loss, Jamie and Doug honored their son with a memorial tree.

As we mentioned at the time, memorial trees are extremely tasteful and also allow you to watch a living thing grow and thrive.

Even before they hit that one-year mark, however, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner announced that they were expecting.

And, back in late August, their expectations were met.

The couple welcomed Henley Grace, their firstborn daughter, into the world. A wonderful development for a couple who deserves happiness.

In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, Jamie Otis shared the couple’s latest good news:

“In our new spinoff, the joys — and struggles — as first-time parents will be out there for all the world to see.”

The Lifetime series will be called Married at First Sight: Jamie & Doug Plus One.

And Jamie explains what it’s all about.

“First of all, everyone knows giving birth is no joke, but who the heck knew the recovery would be excruciating for days?! And I’m not even talkin’ C-section.”

Some people don’t know that, true, but giving birth is agonizing, difficult, and draining. And it can leave you with serious injuries and bleeding and a lot of recovery.

As Jamie now knows firsthand:

“I could barely walk, let alone go to the bathroom!”

A lot about biology can be embarrassing. Childbirth is amazing but it has some serious downsides.

And Jamie Otis says that there’s another low that doesn’t get discussed enough:

“And breastfeeding, that’s another one that isn’t talked about (and I’m guilty as charged being a labor and delivery nurse!).”

She doesn’t get into details here, but Jamie has revealed on social media that she’s now having trouble getting Henley to nurse.

Lots of babies wean themselves when they just decide that they don’t have time for nursing anymore, but … not this young.

So we’ll see how Jamie Otis managed to tackle that.

Don’t worry, though — the series will also focus on the positive:

“But let me tell ya, there is NOTHING more amazing than looking down to a sweet face that resembles you and your hubby — and no greater feeling than knowing you created this precious being.”

Awwww! That’s so sweet!

“All of the firsts as parents is captured in our new series — and it’s quite raw.”

That sounds really exciting.

We’re looking forward to this — and to hearing what Doug Hehner considers his personal highs and lows.

We do have one nitpicky issue, and it’s with the title.

Married at First Sight: Jamie & Doug Plus One reminds us too much of the television series that brought Kate Gosselin to fame.

We don’t think that Jamie and Doug are monsters, so we hate anything that would associate them with that infamously terrible mother.

Other than that, this sounds amazing. We can’t wait to see baby Henley grow up before our very eyes!

Source: celebweddings