It’s time to take a good, hard look at the mysterious case of Jana Duggar.

Get ready to feel sad, creepy and weird, all at the same time.

See, Jana is the oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — she’ll be 27 years old in January.

She’s the oldest, and yet she remains single while her younger sisters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and now Joy-Anna all go on to find men and get to having all them babies.

So what gives?

According to some outraged Counting On fans, Jim Bob and Michelle won’t let Jana leave their home because she’s become too much of an asset to them.

Specifically, she’s been their free nanny for so long now, they really can’t afford to let her get married and/or have a life of her own while there are still so many young kids to take care of.


These fears for Jana came up when the new trailer for season three of Counting On was released, the one that shows that Joy-Anna’s courtship will be a focus of the season.

“Come on Jana,” one fan urged after seeing the trailer. “Get out and meet someone. Let your Mom raise her kids. It is your turn.”

“I keep holding out for Jana,” another fan wrote.

“I just don’t think her parents will ever allow her to court anyone until the little ones are more independent. She is their primary care giver. Michele isn’t going to let that go.”

And if that wasn’t depressing enough, another person speculated that “Jana will be home raising her siblings then she will be caregiver to her parents until they die.”

“That’s because she’s the oldest girl and the teachings of their cult says she will.”

We’ll get to the cult stuff in a minute, but let’s just do some math real quick.

The youngest Duggar child is Josie, who will turn seven next month. If Jana really will be forced to stay at home until she’s of age, too, that’ll be 11 more years.

In 11 years, Jim Bob and Michelle will be 62 and 61, respectively. Not quite at the age where one would usually need assistance, but hey, maybe they’d want to keep Jana on retainer for a decade or two, just to make sure she’d be available.

Now, as for the “cult” aspect, we all know that the Duggars are part of a specific branch of Christianity that’s all about having as many children as possible and also side-hugs.

We also know that they believe a woman should submit to a man’s authority, be it her husband or, in Jana’s creepy case, her father.

That last part is called the “stay-at-home daughter movement,” if you can even believe it, and that explains why the other Duggar girls have lived at home until they got married — so they can cook, clean, and care for and homeschool the younger kids.

And it looks like Jim Bob might feel comfortable keeping Jana around for the foreseeable future. She is the most qualified daughter, after all.

If he doesn’t approve a husband for her, then no man can come between Jana and Jim Bob, get it?

Man, poor Jana.

Source: celebweddings