At 27, Jana Duggar is the eldest of the Duggar daughters.

And not surprisingly, much has been made of the fact that Jana is still single, while younger sisters Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy-Anna … aren’t.

Obviously, 27 is far from old maid age, but as kids, the Duggar women are taught that procreation is the number one reason they’re put on Earth.

In recent months, there’s been talk of parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar quietly pressuring Jana to start a relationship.

The Duggars have done nothing to deny the rumors that they’re “putting Jana out there” in hopes of helping her find a suitor.

Fans have also noticed that she seems to be making more and more appearances on the family’s social media pages lately.

In fact, they appear to have ramped up their efforts over the past two weeks.

The fan favorite has been making regular appearances on the Duggars’ official Facebook page, sparking rumors that she’s courting.

Ever since this photo of Jana at the Duggar’s Valentine’s Day party was posted, talk that she may be involved in a romantic relationship escalated:

It now appears that that wasn’t the case.

But it also looks as though the Duggars have enjoyed the positive feedback they’ve been receiving from featuring Jana on social media.

As a result, they’ll be sharing more about her on their accounts more regularly, no doubt continuing to prompt speculation in the process.

Ah, the beautiful cycle of celebrity gossip.

The Duggars have revealed that the reason Jana was received a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day was not what many had hoped.

Rather, it was that the family had put a religious twist on the holiday, the same way they put a religious twist on … well, just about everything.

“Here’s a sweet twist on Valentine’s Day! We are having a family-wide party celebrating love,” they wrote on Facebook.

“God’s love and our love for one another,” they added.

“Our theme is ‘We love because He first loved us!'”

The comments on the pic ranged from hopeful (“I hope this is from a suitor that will get her out of there!!!!!!!”) to downright irate.

Many fans believe that the Duggars have conspired to keep Jana single so that she continue to help in raising her many younger siblings.

“Great they don’t just leave Jana handcuffed to the stoves demand she care for all the young children,” reads one comment on the latest photo.

“Let that poor sweet girl out every once in awhile,” another commenter wrote, upset at an image of the girl out and about with her mom.

The most common theory regarding Jana’s sudden prominence online is that her parents are doing their best to help her find a husband.

But there are other possibilities potentially in play, as well:

Many have speculated that the Duggars are hoping to quash rumors that Jana is miserable and overworked by her parents and siblings.

As such, they’re showing her enjoying herself out of the house. Look! See! Does that look like a servant nicknamed Cinderella to you?

Others believe that she may not want to get married and that her parents are pressuring her into a courtship, but either way, know this:

Jana is more visible than ever, and that alone is noteworthy.

Source: celebweddings