If you watch Counting On online, then you’re probably familiar with the plight of Jana Duggar.

For the uninitiated: Jana has the unique experience of being forced to endure the worst parts of being single and the worst parts of being a wife and mother, all at the same time!

Jana is single, which is unusual in a family that teaches young women that they’re put on Earth to procreate and forbids any sort of physical contact with the opposite sex before marriage.

Unfortunately, she’s not sleeping til noon and swiping through Tindr all day, as any unemployed, single 27-year-old should be.

No, she’s cooking, cleaning, and caring for her many, many younger siblings, presumably so that her parents can focus on their reality TV and social media empires.

The Duggars usually turn a deaf ear to criticism about Jana being mistreated, but sometimes they’re forced to do a bit of damage control.

The above photo was posted last month, and as always, most of the comments were complimentary.

(The Duggar faithful aren’t the most discriminating lot.)

Fortunately, the occasional fan does dare to question why the hell Jana spends her days slaving away, while Jim Bob, Michelle, and Jana’s equally-single twin John David seem to do next to nothing around the house.

“Not to be rude, but I always see pictures of the kids cooking. What about Jim-Bob and Michelle? Looks like they never cook and just leave it to the kids,” wrote one commenter on the pic above.

She was quickly shouted down by fans, which is the usual response when a dissenter dares to express concern for “the Cinderella Duggar.”

Typically such arguments are ignored by the Duggar clan, but this time, they seem to have indirectly acknowledged the controversy by treating Jana to an abbreviated spa day.

The family posted the above photo of Jana chillaxin’ on their official Facebook page, and Jana captioned it (unmarried Duggar women aren’t permitted to have their own social media profiles) thusly:

“Mom was sweet to treat me to getting my nails done this morning. We had a wonderful mother and daughter date!”

So Monday morning they took her out for a mani/pedi?

You know she was back at the compound making 47 PB&J’s by lunch.

Anyway, we guess it was a nice gesture, but we can’t help but think there was an ulterior motive for it.

We doubt it’ll do much to make any fans any less concerned about Jana.

Source: celebweddings