Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but…

… Javi Marroquin has some very negative things to say about Kailyn Lowry.

The ex-husband of this Teen Love veteran took to Twitter on Friday and laid the proverbial smackdown on the mother of his won, blasting Lowry in a series of harsh messages.

What prompted this outburst? It’s unclear.

What did Javi say about Kailyn? 

Scroll down to find out…

1. Some Background:

Kailyn and Javi are divorced. They share a son named Lincoln and have each accused the other of infidelity in the several months since they split.


Recent rumors surrounding Javi have had more to do with Briana DeJesus than with Kailyn, as Marroquin and this other Teen Mom are apparently very hot and heavy.

3. Kailyn is Always Around, Though

Even while she celebrated her love for Javi, Briana recently Tweeted “#yeaididwin,” a clear reference to somehow coming out on top over Lowry in the (non) battle for Javi’s heart. There’s clearly tension between all involved here.

4. Cue Javi’s Tweet Storm…

“Someone’s bitter and can’t move on from s—t that happened almost two years ago,” the ex-reality star tweeted, adding the hashtags #yesterdayspaper #MarriageBootCamp and #moveon.

5. But He Wasn’t Finished

Citing four-year old Lincoln, Marroquin added: “Have more important things to worry about right now than a past relationship that’s dead to me. Lincoln is the only thing keeping it alive. Which I’m blessed for don’t get me wrong. But him, that’s it.”

6. Did Lowry Actually Start It?

Marroquin appeared to be replying to Lowry’s tweets during Friday night’s installment of Marriage Boot Camp, which documented the former’s battle over child support.

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