Back in March, Teen Mom 2 fans were more than a little surprised to learn that Javi Marroquin was dating Madison Channing Walls.

It wasn’t that Javi had moved on so quickly from his marriage to Kailyn Lowry that caught them off guard, but rather the unique set of problems raised by Walls’ checkered past.

For starters, Walls is an MTV pseudo-star in her own right, having starred in a single season Real World spinoff titled Real World: Skeletons.

The show focused on its cast members’ secrets, bringing them to light on national TV, which sounds like the stuff of mattress-soaking nightmares.

TM2 obsessives were surprised not only that Javi would get involved with another reality star after having vocally complained about the negative effects the spotlight had on his marriage, but also that he seemed unconcerned about his new girlfriend’s particular “skeleton.”

You see, Walls is a recovering heroin addict and her long history of substance abuse and petty crime were explored in-depth on Skeletons.

Considering Marroquin is still gearing up for what might well be an ugly custody battle with Kailyn, many found it strange that he would involve himself with a woman who had recently endured such tremendous difficulties.

Now, we know that Javi wasn’t worried about Walls’ addiction issues for the simple reason that he didn’t know about them!

Yes, it’s hard to believe that in an age in which you can find out the name of your Tinder date’s first grade teacher before you even meet them, but Javi entered a relationship with a reality star without ever watching an episode of her show!

Marroquin made the mind-blowing reveal during a sit-down with Teen Mom 2 after-show host, Nessa:

“The biggest thing was I had a hard time reading motives and intentions, so when things started coming out in the tabloids, there were a lot of things I didn’t know about,” he explained.

“I didn’t watch her season, so I guess she had a past, she overcame that past, and she didn’t tell me about.”

He went on to offer some nonsense about incompatible “intentions”:

“I didn’t know if her intentions were the same, as they were in the beginning, if that makes sense.”

The confession is surprising for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that MTV stars aren’t usually in the habit of admitting they don’t watch other MTV shows.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for the full run-down of dumb things Javi has said publicly.

Do it now, before network execs can his ass.

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