If you follow the lives of the Teen Mom 2 cast closely, then you’re probably already aware that Javi Marroquin has a new girlfriend.

Hell, Javi has been gushing about Lauren Comeau so much that even if you don’t follow him on social media you may have heard about his romance.

Lauren is Javi’s favorite topic of discussion these days, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

But recent comments about Comeau have caused Javi to run afoul of some of the more passionate TM2 fans.

“I have a girlfriend now and haven’t been happier with anyone else,” Javi told Hollywood Life in a recent interview.

“I think I’m the lucky man. We have a mutual friend and she connected us. Then we met at her wedding. It’s been great since,” he added.

Obviously, fans are upset that Javi said he’s the lucky man, instead of a lucky man.

We kid, they’re pissed because they think he threw shade at Kailyn.

It’s subtle – as the best shade often is – but some fans believe Javi very much meant to get under Kailyn’s skin with his “haven’t been happier with anyone else” line.

Seems a bit unfair to compare a relationship of a few weeks to a marriage that yielded a child, but it looks like that’s what Marroquin is doing.

In fairness to Javi, he’s not the first one to throw a jab.

Kailyn threw some shade at Comeau and Marroquin earlier this week by tweeting a snide remark in response to a photo of the happy couple.

It was nothing too terrible; she simply remarked that the date they were on looked an awful lot like a date she and Javi enjoyed early in their relationship.

Still, it was apparently enough to ignite a cold war of passive aggression.

Even though she started the whole thing, we remain firmly Team Kailyn on this one for one simple reason:

Kailyn is nine months pregnant and soon to be a single mother of three.

She’s allowed to be a bit tense.

She’s also the mother of Javi’s son, so he should probably just let this one slide.

Source: celebweddings