A good number of Teen Mom 2 fans are expressing their displeasure with Javi Marroquin today.

Don’t worry, he hasn’t done anything as crazy as entering Kailyn Lowry’s home without permission, but he’s still engaging in some pretty surprising behavior.

And it involves frozen yogurt.

That’s Javi at a FroCo establishment in Texas’ hipster capital.

“Couldn’t be in Austin and not show some support and get some frozen yogurt. Told y’all I was coming,” Javi captioned the pic.

The point of contention for fans is that FroCo is owned by Farrah Abraham, and Javi’s patronage has been viewed by many as an endorsement of the most controverisal Teen Mom.

“Now Farrah is using you for marketing. Common @javim9, show support of what? SMH,” wrote one fan.

“Why support her??? She’s so mean to every human being on Earth,” commented another.

“Farrah is nothing but a rude whiny bitch,” offered one succinct follower.

It may seem like the fans are overreacting.

After all, Javi and Farrah have never had any direct beef with one another.

Hell, they don’t appear on the same show!

But it is somewhat of a display of disrespect to Kailyn, who, like just about everyone else involved in the Teen Mom franchise, has been trash-talked by Farrah on more than one occasion.

“Her look of being pregnant has been done and is old. Stop getting knocked up by randoms,” Farrah told The Dirty when asked about Kailyn’s third pregnancy.

It was a decidedly not cool comment, and we’re guessing Kail was less than thrilled by Javi’s choice of fro-yo establishment.

Fortunately, there’s one rumor that we can definitively put to rest.

Some fans have speculated that Javi might be romantically interested in Farrah.

But we know that Marroquin began dating Lauren Comeau just a few weeks ago, and both parties say the romance is going swimmingly.

And let’s give Javi a little credit here, folks.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know he hasn’t always made the best decisions, but the dude knows better than to get involved with Farrah.

Source: celebweddings