We briefly wondered why Jay-Z’s album was titled 4:44. Like, is it a time of day? And then we were distracted by all of the major bombshells that the lyrics contained.

Well, one fan posted a theory with a photo that would absolutely explain it and its deep meaning.

Of all of the bonkers conspiracy theories that have ever surrounded Jay-Z and Beyonce, this is the most plausible.

Okay, so … you remember that elevator video of Solange Knowles attacking the f–k out of Jay-Z?

That question’s rhetorical, because we all remember.

Solange seemed to fly into a rage, leaping at and attacking Jay-Z in that elevator.

Well, the elevator was at a hotel called The Standard.

And one very observant fan had an epiphany, took a photo, and shared it to Twitter.

That’s amazing, right?

And it would basically confirm that Solange’s fury was about Jay-Z’s cheating and the stress from his cheating (possibly) causing Beyonce to have miscarriages.

(We kind of knew that after Lemonade dropped, to be honest)

If the address is 444, then 4:44 as an album title makes a lot of sense, right?

Except that the truth is … somewhat stranger.

See, 444 is the address of Le Bain, which is a rooftop bar above The Standard.

The Standard’s address is 848 Washington Street.

Now, Jay-Z and Beyonce and Solange were coming back from Le Bain when the incident occurred.

But they were in an elevator within The Standard, which does not have that address.

In case you think that we’re being nitpicky, Jay-Z has already explained the name of the album.

4:44, the album, is named after “4:44,” the song.

And “4:44” is so named because Jay-Z woke up at 4:44am (a much more reasonable time to go to bed than to wake up) and wrote the song, confessing to sabotaging his marriage to Beyonce with his compulsive cheating.

So … we’re thinking that the address of Le Bain is probably a huge coincidence.

No number of explanations are going to put at ease the conspiracy theorists out there.

Remember, we live in a world where there are real people who believe that NASA has a child sex slave colony on Mars and that there’s a cloning factory where replacement celebrities are grown.

Every year, you see another detailed analysis of the Superbowl’s Halftime Show.

In real life, the Halftime Show is just the only part of the sportsball game that’s actually interesting or worthwhile.

In the minds of conspiracy theorists, these performances are all elaborate Illuminati rituals that are also Satanist and also Masonic even though those are different things and one of those is made up. 

These conspiracy theories absolutely include Beyonce (who’s been part of a couple of Halftime Shows over the past several years) and Jay-Z. And even their children.

When Blue Ivy was born, the top trend on Twitter was a proposed acronym for Blue’s middle name: “Illuminati’s Very Youngest.”

While we admire such creativity, it’s worrisome that people actually believe any of these things.

So, yeah, anybody who believes this kind of stuff is probably going to believe literally whatever they want about Jay-Z’s album title.

But, let us assure you: it’s not that deep.

Source: celebweddings