We were so distracted by David Eason pulling out a knife during the Teen Mom 2 Reunion that we almost missed this. Almost.

As much as we’d normally be excited at this new possibility … we’re talking about Jenelle Evans. And David Eason. So this might be something to dread instead of celebrate.

But, for better or for worse, it looks like Jenelle Evans may have been sporting a baby bump. Yes, there’s a video.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason made quite the splash and no, we don’t mean Jenelle’s mermaid photoshoot.

At the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Jenelle got into a fight with Nathan, and not for the first time.

She had become enraged, you see, at the sight of Nathan’s girlfriend hugging her mother, Barbara Evans.

So Nathan’s girlfriend and Barbara were also in the mix.

And, naturally, Jenelle called in David Eason.

Mind you, this isn’t just a set for filming — this is also a location with children, including children like Kaiser whose entire family, basically, was arguing with each other.

(Far be it from Jenelle to control herself for the sake of her children, right?)

And then David Eason pulled a knife, but Jenelle insists that it was just to blow off steam by popping some balloons … as if that explains anything.

One, who the hell just has a knife with them. He’s not going camping or to a cookout or walking a dimly lit street — he was going to film for Teen Mom 2. Whom would he need to stab there, exactly?

Two, the fact that he needed to vent his anger by popping balloons is a huge red flag. He’s not an angsty teen, he’s a grown-ass adult.

Though, considering David Eason’s violent criminal history, we suppose that we’re not surprised.

What does it say about Jenelle that she thinks that this is okay? Nothing good.

But … we understand why David Eason makes Barbara so afraid for her grandchildren — and for her daughter.

And, unfortunately, this story might get worse.

Because Jenelle might be bringing a new innocent person into the chaotic nightmare that is her family.

In this still from the video below, we see Jenelle hold her hand to her belly, just like you would if you were pregnant and subconsciously cupping your baby bump.

What makes this even more suspicious is that she immediately jerks her hand back, as if burned, and places it on her hip.

(As you’ll see in the next photo)

Now, we’re often leery of pointing at a random shot of a woman and going “ah, yes, a baby bump!” Surely she might just have a soft belly. She’s a mom and she’s married, and that just happens.

But most reality stars, when going to an event like this where they’re dressing up and going to be filmed, would at least consider wearing spanx.

(One year, a relative of mine wore some to Thanksgiving — but wearing them when you’re actually on camera is pretty standard)

But you might not wear spanx if you’re pregnant.

Here she is without her hand covering her belly:

Regardless of what you or I might think about this, a number of fans quickly commented that Jenelle appears to be pregnant:

“She is pregnant. Look at her belly, and she held it too! Then she moved her arms.”

Holding her belly seems indicative, but the quick movement of her arm? That’s a huge clue, as many see it.

“Bet the way she keeps grabbing her belly means she[‘s got] another kiddo on the way.”

Maybe so.

“She touches her belly and then quickly moves her hand. I bet another pregnancy announcement will be soon.”

No child deserves to be born into the Evans-Eason household, so let’s hope not.

But never let it be said that we’re showing you these photos out of context or whatever.

See for yourself how her hand automatically moves down to her belly and then how she quickly moves it to her hip, as if hoping that no one would notice.

Decide if you think that she’s pregnant.

Source: celebweddings