Back in 2016, we learned that Jenelle Evans and David Eason had gotten engaged.

Fans were understandably skeptical, as this is at least the fifth time Jenelle has accepted a proposal, and only one of those previous engagements resulted in a (very short-lived) marriage.

But this time, it seems Jenelle has every intention of saying “I do.”

And unlike her first wedding, she’s not planning some quickie affair at city hall.

Jenelle and David say they’re pulling out all the stops in preparation for their big day.

It’s all going down on September 23, and Jenelle is already eager to share every detail with fans.

The famously temperamental Teen Mom 2 star has been uncharacteristically giddy in recent weeks as she gets ready to become Mrs. David Eason.

Last month, Jenelle went wedding dress shopping in New York and documented the experience on social media.

Over the weekend, she picked up her newly-tailored gown from and decided to make the return trip to the Big Apple a family affair.

Jenelle posted the above photo of David’s daughter from a previous relationship and revealed that the wedding will have two flower girls:

“We got another option for flower girl dress! This is one happy little girl. She felt like a princess today! I can’t wait to see Ensley in her dress! #Weddings #FlowerGirls,” she captioned the pic.

Ensley is Jenelle and David’s 7-month-old daughter.

Naturally, fans are already squealing in anticipation of pics of the youngest member of the Evans-Eason clan in a flower girl dress.

And, of course, Jenelle’s boys will be involved in the ceremony, as well.

Jenelle posted the above pic of her eldest son, Jace, bonding with David Eason while getting fitted for his wedding threads.

“While I picked up my dress, David was helping Jace get fitted,” Evans captioned the pic.

Yes, it looks like it’s really gonna happen this time.

Of course, this is Jenelle we’re talking about, so nothing is certain until the vows are exchanged and the certificate is signed.

Even then, we’re gonna wait a few months before we offer our congratulations.

Jenelle seems like the type to bug out and get an annulment over an argument about whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher.

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