Jenelle Evans’ household might be full to bursting with children this summer, but little baby Ensley Jolie Eason will catch your eye.

And melt your heart.

The thing about babies is that they grow up so fast. You can look at a series of photos (like this one) and see her growing already.

Some Teen Moms get their happily ever after, but it’s too soon to tell with Jenelle Evans.

(Also, Too Soon to Tell With Jenelle would be a good name for a show — one day she could host a series where she points out red flags in relationships based on her previous bad experience)

But, in all seriousness, Jenelle has had a flurry of past troubles, from custody issues to family feuds to serious substance-abuse issues.

Plus, of course, she became a mom as a teenager.

Imagine having that kind of responsibility before you’re even allowed to vote.

Not that Jenelle is the first name that we think of when we think of responsible parents.

Her love for partying has been well-documented, which would be fine … if she weren’t a mother of three.

But look at how precious Ensley looks in her mom’s arms!

We’re not saying that having this particular baby will just magically “fix” Jenelle’s life.

But sometimes things just click for people.

They reach a point in their lives, or find the right person, and they get better.

We’re not necessarily saying that David Eason is the right (or wrong) person for Jenelle.

But we’d love to think that having three kids (really kind of four, at the moment) and preparing for her wedding are either signs or causes or both that she’s really stepping up to the plate.

The fact that she has Jace for the summer makes it sound like maybe some people trust her more than they used to.

(Remember that her mother’s had custody of Jace for ages, so this is a big deal)

It’d be nice to live in a world where Jenelle is just a young mother and not doing things that get her accused of putting herself before her kids.

But she’s clearly so enamored with Ensley.

And since that’s Kaiser Griffith’s toy dragon that Ensley’s playing with, it looks like he’s enjoying being a big brother.

Look at how big she looks! It seems like it was just yesterday that she was, like, half that size and in no condition to play with anything.

Now she’s in a jumper — a confusing word for British folks, but that’s life — and engaging with the world around her.

Like, babies reach a point where they start to develop and express personalities and really interact with their surroundings.

And it looks like this little cutie has reached that developmental plateau.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way to make Ensley look like more than a cute human object was with Snapchat filters.


Honestly, adoring this baby is the most relatable thing that Jenelle’s done since her days of obsessing over Kesha.

Like, she’s a 25-year-old reality star and serial monogamist who might have a sex obsession who’s struggled throughout her young life with moderation.

(Along with everything else that a girl could possibly struggle with, it seems)

But caring for children, scary as it can be, can kind of keep people grounded.

Maybe, for Jenelle, the third time’s the charm?

Let’s hope so.

Source: celebweddings