It’s tough to keep track of everything that’s transpired in the life of Jenelle Evans over the course of the past six months.

After all, she didn’t earn the nickname “the Carolina Hurricane” because of her affinity for stability and level-headedness.

Obviously, the biggest change is that Jenelle welcomed her third child, a girl named Ensley Jolie.

It’s her first kid with David Eason, whom she began dating last year.

(Like we said, things move fast in Jenelle’s word.)

Jenelle and David got engaged last month, but that doesn’t mean a lifetime of wedded bliss is necessarily guaranteed.

(Evans has been married before, and she and David both have kids from previous long-term relationships.)

In fact, there are already rumors that Jenelle and David have called it quits, just weeks after welcoming their first child together.

The reports were initially prompted by Eason’s disappearance from social media.

The father of three appears to have deleted his accounts for reasons that remain unclear.

Naturally, fans speculated that the move was a sign of relationship distress.

That neither David nor Jenelle commented on the situation, but this is one of those cases, where their silence might be speaking volumes.

When fans asked Jenelle point-blank if she and David were still together and she didn’t respond, many took it as a tacit confirmation of the split.

Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that Jenelle changed her profile pic to one that does not also feature Eason.

However, for once, it looks as though the reports of drama in Jenelle’s life have been exaggerated.

Though she’s remained mum on the issue of her relationship, Evans has offered several indications that she and Eason are still an item.

In a Snapchat post, she sported a shirt reading, “Team David and Jenelle 2017.”

She also retweeted a fan who mentioned David, writing:

“David looks like he helps [you] so much around the house and with the kids! You got yourself [an] awesome man, so happy for [you].”

And the clearest sign that all is (relatively) well in the Carolina Hurricane’s personal paradise is the fact that her Facebook relationship status still reads “engaged.”

So it looks like we can breathe a sigh of relief, as it appears that Jenelle is still headed in the right direction.

For now.

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Source: celebweddings