How much drama can one person endure in a lifetime?

We’re not sure, but it’s becoming pretty clear that Jenelle Evans is doing her best to set the record.

From her depressing childhood with the abusive father that later abandoned her entire family to her teenage pregnancy with one of the sketchiest characters in Teen Mom history, things have just never gone well for this girl.

Throw in all of her arrests, her problems with addiction, her obvious emotional issues …

It’s been overwhelming just to witness.

Even now that Jenelle’s managed to get her life together a little bit — enough to stop doing heroin and become a homeowner, at least — things are still very, very far from perfect.

She’s got that new custody battle over her youngest son, Kaiser, which began when the boy’s grandmother learned that she’d been doing drugs while pregnant with her third child.

In the papers filed for the case, the grandmother claimed that Jenelle is seriously neglectful when it comes to her poor kids, and that her husband, David Eason, has been physically abusive.

Oh, and speaking of that brand new husband of hers?

Yeah, even though they’ve only been married for about two weeks now, we know that they’re already having major issues.

Who could forget that now-classic fight Jenelle and David had the night before the wedding, the one where Jenelle called off the wedding and David brushed her off because he was “f-cking raking”?

It wasn’t exactly a great sign for their future together.

So yes, there’s a lot going on in Jenelle’s life right now … but it looks like there’s about to be a whole lot more added on to the pile.

See those two gentlemen right there?

That’s Nathan Griffith, obviously, but the guy next to him? That’s Ryan Dolph.

Ryan is a friend of Nathan’s, but he’s been around long enough to be a friend of Jenelle’s, too.

Or at least they used to be friends.

Let’s back up.

Ryan appeared on the recently aired Teen Mom 2 special, Being Nathan, and Jenelle took some sort of issue with him shortly afterwards.

We know because she made some tweets directed at him — tweets that she deleted, but thank goodness, the internet never forgets.

“Remember YOU don’t come from sh-t and STILL don’t do sh-t with your life JUST LIKE NATHAN, if you want to compare each other’s lives,” she told him.

“Can’t even hold a relationship because you abuse your girls just like you did to Rachel, probably Ashley. You and Nathan are peas in a pod.”

Nathan, of course, is facing charges for domestic violence, and it looks like she’s accusing Ryan of the same.

She also wrote “Let’s not even get started what you do for a living …”, which is interesting, because Ryan is alleged drug dealer.

In an even more interesting turn of events, he’s also alleged to be her drug dealer.

Jenelle’s tweets got Ryan pretty riled up, because he responded with “Let’s get something straight Jenelle, MTV has been contacting me for months before I agreed to recently film with Nate.”

“I’ve been nothing but loyal to you. I was a mutual friend to you & Nate, ya never had an issue with it until you started dating David.”

“Next time you got something to say Jenelle Evans or whatever the f-ck your last name is now, @ my ass,” he added.

“I know where I come from. Guess you forgot you come from the same place, bitch. The only reason you’re any kind of sh-t is because of MTV.”

Jenelle told him that she was the one responsible for getting him his brief MTV gig, and she also told him that he is “a two faced person.”

And for having the nerve to say anything remotely negative about David, she wrote “You’ve never met David but maybe one time. You wouldn’t have any idea how much love that man has for me. How DARE you speak about him.”

“Jenelle, what ya smoking?” Ryan asked her in response. “Did I never meet David, or did I meet him multiple times? I think I’ll go with multiple times. David’s changed that.”

He said that he actually has a job, while David’s job is now “collecting that $$ from you.”

“You think you run sh-t Jenelle, get the f-ck over yourself, MTV has blown up my phone wanting me to release our conversations & I didn’t because I didn’t want you to have to deal with David.”

It seems like saving Jenelle from dealing with David was a big concern for this guy — he asked her if she remembers him “covering for your ass, and hurt your man’s feelings with the truth?”

Then, in a beautifully crafted tweet, he said “Jenelle, you’re right on 1 thing though, Nate & I are 2 peas in a pod in one area, I would’t left your ass too after walking in on you f-cking Keifer.”‘

The triumphant return of Kieffer Delp! It seems like Ryan and Nathan both seen Jenelle wif Kieffer … but Ryan has one more hit for her.

“Remember ‘the call’ from the Reunion when David saw Nate’s dick on ur phone, & him saying sorry his dick wasn’t as big,” he wrote. “I covered your ass.”

We’re not entirely clear on the picture being painted here, but it sounds like Jenelle is still walking around with dick pics from Nathan on her phone, and that is sensational.

Did David apologize sarcastically, or was it sincere? We need a million more details on this exchange.

And while we don’t have those details now, it sounds like we could get them soon — in other tweets, Ryan claims that he’s currently in negotiations with various tabloids, and we should have his full story soon.

Looks like Christmas is coming a little early this year!

Source: celebweddings