If you’re a Teen Mom 2 fan who somehow hasn’t heard, Jenelle Evans is engaged to David Eason.

She’s been gushing about her lavish wedding plans pretty much non-stop since the day that Eason put a ring on it, so the news has been pretty hard to miss.

Jenelle and David are set to get married this weekend, so naturally the Carolina Hurricane has ramped up the wedding talk in recent days.

In fact, the soon-to-be Mrs. Eason has launched a full-blown wedding countdown, and she’s inviting fans to share in her excitement.

All week, Evans has been taking to Instagram today to remind her followers just how soon she’ll be getting hitched.

First, it was t-minus 5 days, and Jenelle marked the occasion with Boomerang clip featuring some heart-shaped lighting.

“Love is in the air.  the countdown is on…5 more days ! #EvansToEason can’t wait to show @easondavid88 his wedding gift and thanks @celestecall for making this awesome shoot happen!!!!” Evans captioned the video.

The clip received a mostly positive response from Jenelle’s followers, but there were a few nay-sayers in the comments section.

Some skepticism is natural, considering Jenelle has been engaged five times, and it seems some fans are concerned that she’s falling into a gold-digger trap. 

“I hope you open your eyes girl. This marriage won’t last long,” wrote one follower.

“He’s using you for your money . He doesn’t work your money will be gone fast. I really hope you had him sign a prenup.”

Never one to be deterred by … well, anything, Jenelle kept the countdown going today with another vaguely wedding-y pic.

This one shows her putting on some makeup in wedding night attire, alongside a couple random prescription bottles.

Like everything she does, Jenelle’s wedding is shrouded in controversy.

Not only is there the small matter that–and we can’t repeat this enough–she’s been engaged five freakin’ times at the age of 25, there’s also the sad fact that Jenelle is not inviting her mother to the wedding.

“She’s been saying she’s having her wedding, running around with her family of friends, but you know what she says? ‘My mother Barbara is not invited,'” Barbara Evans said in a recent interview.

“She’s not inviting me to her own wedding. It’s very painful,” a brokenhearted Babs reiterated.

Look on the bright side Babs – if that’s the worst thing Jenelle does this week, it’s been her best week in years!

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Jenelle and David’s road to the altar.

Source: celebweddings