Things aren’t going too terribly well for Jenelle Evans at the moment.

Really, are they ever?

Jenelle likes to tell everyone that she’s changed a lot in the past couple of years, and it’s true — she doesn’t do heroin anymore, and she’s a homeowner and all that.

But in certain ways, Jenelle is just the same as ever.

She’s still pretty darn delusional about the things going on around her, she still plays the victim at any and every opportunity. She still picks garbage dudes.

And it’s all those things that are causing her so much trouble right now.

If you watched the Teen Mom 2 reunion special on Monday night, you know that Jenelle had a particularly tough time.

Dr. Drew asked her a bunch of tough questions about her relationship with her mother and her husband, David Eason — it’s literally his job to ask her those questions.

She did tear up a few times, and of course she showcased that classic Jenelle disconnect. Remember when she said that she didn’t care about Barbara at all right before crying about how Barbara wasn’t at her wedding?

But for the most part, she was handling it well.

Unfortunately we cannot say the same for David.

While Jenelle was talking to Dr. Drew, we saw David watching everything on monitors backstage, and he did not seem to appreciate Dr. Drew’s line of questioning.

He muttered angrily to himself throughout the interview before calling Dr. Drew a “f-cking f—-t,” then went onstage to tell Jenelle that he was leaving.

He told her that she could stay or she could come with him, though it really didn’t seem like she had much of a choice. She left the building with him because, as she said, if she stayed she wouldn’t be supporting him.

You don’t have to support immature, unprofessional nonsense, but hey, Jenelle obviously made her choice.

After they left, Dr. Drew brought out Nathan Griffith for a little chat, and his mother, Doris, came on as well.

Poor, sweet Doris hadn’t planned on speaking on camera at all, but she felt moved to do so because, as she said, “I’m terribly frightened for Kaiser.”

Having spent ten years working in child services, she said “I’ve seen abuse, I’ve seen children go through it, I know the red flags and I see the red flags. They’re popping up everywhere.”

That’s why she’s attempting to get custody of Kaiser, because she believes that David is abusive towards him.

She even recounted a certain claim she made in the court documents for the custody case — that Kaiser told her that David punched him in the head.

It was all very upsetting, and with the format MTV went with this time around, it looks like we’re going to get more Jenelle drama in the second part of the reunion special, too.

We still haven’t seen the fight between Jenelle and Nathan’s girlfriend, remember?

But although we have to imagine the worst is yet to come, Jenelle has already made an official statement about what we saw go down on Monday night.

Spoiler: it’s not great.

About Doris’ claims, she says “I doubt my husband would punch a kid in his face.”

… That’s it? Seriously?

It would be nice if she could have a little more confidence in a statement like that, you know? Like if she could just say for certain whether or not she thinks her husband could punch a kid.

She does add that “For weeks I asked Doris every time Kaiser came home and if there was marks she always got super offensive in texts when I would ask her what happened to my son.”

That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it does bring up the fact that both sides here confirm that Kaiser is being abused. They’re just arguing about who is responsible for the abuse.

How tragic is that?

Next, Jenelle continues to defend David, saying that he is “super protective over me and gets very upset if anyone makes me cry. So for Dr. Drew to ask me stupid questions about David is ridiculous because the real problem is Nathan here.”

Except David got “super protective” and “very upset” when she was simply doing her job, and that still doesn’t excuse him calling Dr. Drew a “f-cking f—-t.”

“David did not want to go back on stage because he has super bad anxiety and doesn’t like Dr. Drew,” she adds. “This isn’t David’s job this is mine. I came, filmed, did my part, left.”

But that’s not completely true either, because Dr. Drew said that she’d been scheduled to film a segment with Barbara, too.

And again, this girl seriously tried to shut down claims that her husband punched her son in the head by saying that she “doubted” he would do such a thing.

How much messier can this whole thing possibly get?

Source: celebweddings