At the ripe old age of 25, Jenelle Evans has been married twice; she has three baby daddies; and she’s been engaged five times (that we know of).

We say this not to shame Jenelle (there are far worse things that you could tear into her over, if we were so inclined), but to point out that a lot of father figures have come and gone from the lives of her two sons over the years.

And we imagine the situation occasionally gets a bit confusing for the boys.

Earlier this month, Jenelle married David Eason, the father of her daughter Ensley.

Eason is the only father Enley has ever known, but as she gets older, there will likely come a time when she;s mystified by the fact that her older brothers call two different men dad.

This sort of thing is easily explained when handled properly, but Jenelle isn’t known for making the wisest parenting decisions.

Now, some fans believe she’s decided to streamline the process by having all of her kids call Eason “dad.”

“‘Ta-daaaaa!’ They built a fort yesterday with the help of Capt. Dad.  #BuildingMemories,” Jenelle captioned the pic.

Since only Eason’s daughter, seen in the background, is actually his biological child, some fans have taken issue with Jenelle’s caption.

“He’s not Jace or Kaiser’s Dad. He might be their stepdad but he isn’t their dad,” wrote one follower.

“I would be pissed if I was their real dad and read this caption,” commented another.

Others defended Jenelle’s decision, insisting that since the boys’ fathers aren’t doing their jobs, David has every right to step in and fill their roles:

“He’s doing the part that the others haven’t and if the kids feel it in their hearts and are happy to call him dad then so be it.”

Sounds like a lot to put on an 8-year-old and a 3-year-old’s shoulders.

Plus, that statement assumes an awful lot about Jenelle’s situation.

While it’s true that Jace doesn’t know his father well, Nathan Griffith is currently fighting for full custody of Kaiser, so we’re assuming he’s interested in playing a role in his son’s life.

And since Jenelle’s mother has custody of Jace, perhaps Babs should be the one to decide who the kid calls dad.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on Jenelle’s, um … let’s say “complex” life.

Source: celebweddings