Jenelle Evans sure has been busy lately, huh?

But in between planning a wedding later this year, caring for her brand new baby girl, and fighting her mother for custody of her oldest son, she still managed to get into a fight.

And with David Eason’s sister, Jessica Eason, no less.

Thankfully, no mason jars were thrown at anyone’s head this time, and no one got arrested.

And that’s because the fight took place over social media.

The whole thing started when Jenelle heard that Jessica had met up with one of David’s exes. She allegedly texted Jessica to let her know that that wasn’t cool.

Jessica began talking trash on Facebook, and after that, it was all over.

Both ladies made some outrageous but not necessarily unbelievable claims about each other — Jessica said Jenelle smoked weed while pregnant, for instance.

Jenelle made a Facebook post about how Jessica’s husband smokes crack and how they both “pop xanax all day and lay around the house.”

Jessica claimed that Jenelle used David’s daughter’s toothbrush to clean a toilet, and that the little girl is miserable around her.

She also repeatedly referred to Jenelle as “mud duck.”

It’s been a wild ride, but now, according to Jessica, it’s all over.

In a new Facebook post, she wrote “So Im getting publicity now for NOT speaking on it. Look, the damage is done. But it’s really causing conflict within our family.”

Yeah, if you publicly state that your brother’s fiancée is a lying, manipulative drug addict, it can cause some tension — who knew?!

“My entire family means the world to me,” Jessica continued. “So yes if i can fix it i will, no matter what it takes. Sometimes u have to put things to rest and drop it.”

“Like I said, i would rather my family be alright then to keep fighting. The beef isnt important. My family’s happiness is important.”

Not one to pass up a chance for sass, she added “Now to take that into your little groups and toss it around like a ball.”

“Be mad that i stopped the hate but im trying to please my parents and the rest of my family!”

She finished with the hashtag “family first,” because of course she did.

In another post, Jessica wrote “Sometimes it isn’t about who’s right or wrong, or who did what first. Let go and Love! We aren’t promised another day.”

While it sounds wonderful and all that David’s sister is trying to be the bigger woman here, it’s worth mentioning that this is hardly the first time she’s tried to end the feud.

Every few days she’ll post something about ending things for her family’s sake, but before you know it, we’re hearing some new dirt about the Mud Duck.

When it comes to this feud, as awful as Jenelle can be, it really seems like neither of them have the high ground.

It’s all just way, way too messy — and we’re betting it’s not even close to over.

Source: celebweddings