After years of arrests, meltdowns, various drug habits, and general bad behavior, we’d become convinced that Jenelle Evans was done surprising us.

When will we ever learn?!

Just when you think that Jenelle has done her last terrible deed, that nothing else she could do could possible shock us, she turns around and proves you wrong.

And she’s doing just that with the latest news concerning her upcoming wedding to David Eason.

Which, by the way, is happening really, really soon.

Like, in just over two months.

Jenelle and David announced the big news with some photos taken from a Save the Date photo shoot.

Your eye might find itself checking out the happy couple first, which makes sense.

Against all odds, these photos actually are pretty cute.

But then you’ll see that on that fence, someone scrawled the date 09-23-2017.

Which means that on September 27th — less than three months away — Jenelle will walk down the aisle for the second time and wed David.

(Or will she walk down the aisle for the first time? With Courtland Rogers, there may have been less tradition and more heroin.)

It seems very, very soon, right? Too soon, really.

They had their first child together, precious little Ensley, in January, then David proposed in February.

Seven months from the proposal to the wedding isn’t unheard of, but two and a half months from the Save the Date to the wedding?

That’s a little more rushed.

One may even be inclined to theorize that they’re pushing the wedding so fast so that Jenelle’s dress options won’t be limited by a growing baby bump.

Because remember, it’s that time of year when our favorite Teen Mom trainwreck faces a whole bunch of pregnancy rumors.

The rumors began when her social media followers began to notice that she’d developed a habit of hiding her stomach in photos.

A classic pregnant Jenelle move if there ever was one.

Then, in a Fourth of July selfie she shared on Snapchat, her stomach looked like it was sort of pushed up — kind of like she had a baby bump.

The thing is that it doesn’t look like she’s gained weight — she’s a small person, and she’s small right now. She looks happy and healthy.

Perhaps happy and healthy also with some tummy secrets.

But hey, even if they’re not rushing the wedding because of a second kid, there’s still a Teen Mom wedding happening!

And that’s always a sweet, special occasion.

To give you an example of the sweetness, when Jenelle shared her Save the Date photo, she wrote “I’m ready to make my life forever with you.”

As for David’s mushy caption, he wrote “Love binds us together in perfect unity.”

And The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has exclusive details for the wedding, too!

According to the report, the wedding will take place at Jenelle and David’s North Carolina home on their massive amount of land — cute!

The guest list won’t be large at all — none of the Teen Mom girls will be invited, and Jenelle’s mother Barbara isn’t invited either.

But before you get too sad about that pitiful little tidbit, know that a film crew will be there, because thank goodness, the wedding will be filmed for Teen Mom 2.

Congrats, Jenelle!

Source: celebweddings