Earlier this week, Teen Mom: OG fans were stunned by reports that Matt Baier had gotten married

The news was surprising not only because Baier was dating Amber Portwood just a few short months ago, but also because it’s tough to imagine the woman who’d walk blindly into a marriage with the guy, given his appallingly sketchy past. 

So who is Jennifer Conlon?

Well, with the exception of one interview, it seems she’s keeping a mighty low-profile, but here’s what we’ve learned in the days since she exchanged vows with Baier.

1. A (Formerly) Single Mom

Like Amber, Jennifer was a single mom when she met Baier. Unlike Amber, she’s not a wealthy TV star.

2. Serving in Sin City

Conlon reportedly works as a waitress in Las Vegas, where Matt, who earns much of his living from gambling, spends most of his time.

3. A Private Figure

“She’s not a public figure. So we kept our relationship private,” Baier told the press about his relationship with Conlon.

4. Stepdaughters For Matt

Jennifer apparently is the mother of two girls, whose ages are unknown.

5. So What Does Jen Have to Say

As we stated earlier, Jen has kept a relatively low profile in the days since news of her marriage went public. But she did give one revealing interview.

6. Matt’s Past

Naturally, Jen was asked about Matt’s long history of shady behavior. Surprisingly, she says she doesn’t care what he did before…

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